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Title    : X-COM Shots
Filename : xsht.zip
Version  : 1.00
Date     : 7/6/97
Author(s): Terry Goodwin (I didn't do all the grafix, but I pieced em

Email    : Send all praise/query/hate mail to:
                 or visit
Homepage : http://www.bigpond.com/kinber/tc/tc.html
           For all the latest info!

Type of Mod
Quake C  : no (get xcom.zip)
Sound    : no (get xcom.zip)
MDL      : no (get xcom.zip)
BSP      : no (get xcom.zip)

Format of Quake C
unified diff  : no (never)
context diff  : no (never)
.qc files     : no (not until finished release (unless really desperate)
progs.dat     : no (get xcom.zip)

Description of the Patch

This is just some screenshots from the X-COM TC to help you decide if
wanna download the beta. In the picture it shows:

The X-COM Quake logo
The Etheral model (very early and not available for download (yet))
The Heavy Cannon model
The Snakeman model
The new Player skin
The Stun Launcher model
The Cyberdisc model
The Reaper model (very early) 

How to Install the Patch


Coming in Next Release:

The Auto-Cannon:) (definate)
Town level screenshots (if finished)
Any new additions...

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Authors MAY NOT use this image as a basis for other
publically available work, even if you include our names.

You may distribute this image in any electronic format as long 
as this description file remains intact and unmodified and is 
retained along with all of the files in the archive.

Terry Goodwin

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