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X-COM beta only includes the bare essentials (sort of a deathmatch test)
so if you want absolutely everything get xcomb2.zip, as it is earlier.

Title    : X-COM TC Deathmatch BETA
Filename : xcomb.zip
Version  : 0.1b
Date     : 10/6/97
Author(s): Justin Kimber
	   Terry Goodwin
           Alain Raitt
	   Aladin Radio
	   Tyler Conckling

Email    : kimber@bigpond.com

Type of Mod
Quake C  : yes 
Sound    : yes 
MDL      : yes
BSP      : yes (1 early)

Format of Quake C
unified diff  : no
context diff  : no
.qc files     : no (probably not until final release, unless asked)
progs.dat     : yes

Description of the Patch

This is the basic BETA of the X-COM TC for Quake.
This zip was made by Justin but I packed it and uploaded it here.
This zip is only the very basic stuff, if you want everything get
xcomb2.zip. I don't know if this works cos I haven't tried it. If
it doesn't, then get xcomb2.zip as I know that works (cos I made it).
The rest of this file may not relate to what is in this version. 
We are trying to make the TC as cloase as possible to the excellent strategy
games X-COM UFO: Enemy Unknown, X-COM2 X-COM: Terror From The Deep
and the upcoming X-COM3 X-COM: Apocolypse (We may not base it on that).
So far we have 3 levels, 3 monsters and some weapons. 

If you find any bugs, please e-mail them to us.

Laser Rifle
Heavy\Normal rockets
Smoke Grenades
Heavy Cannon
Stun Grenades
Throwing Grenade

Working on

Plasma Rifle
Heavy Plasma
Heavy Laser
Auto Cannon (I have included my temp. models, Dark Nagual is making
	     the permanent ones)


Snake Man:  Moves fairly slow, good at dodging, rapidly fires Plasma.
Cyberdisc:  Moves fairly slow, replaces Enforcer. Fires red Plasma.

Working on
Reaper:     Would replace Feind but cannot jump. The model is in an early
	    stage, but the qc is almost finished
Etheral:    Attack your mind, and will eventually have mind control. The
	    model is in an early stage, and the shalrath model from QTest
	    was used as a base.
Sectoid:    Replacement for the GRUNT. Model not started.
Muton:      Model not started.
Floater:    Replacement for the Scrag. Model started, but VERRRRY early.
Silicoid:   Slow moving, very strong, very deadly. Model not started.
Chryssalid: Once it takes you bellow 10% health you turn into a Grunt and
            respawn or die. The frunt still runs around tho. After an amount
            of time the grunt telefrags and a new Chryssalid is spawed in its
            place. Model not started.
Sectopod:   Like reaper but a long range attack insted of close. Model not started.


Nothing is finished yet.


A town level has been started, all that needs doing is textures.

Other aspects of gameplay

All menu grafix have been changed (except multiplayer, done by next release)
and a lot of sounds have been changed.

We have had much throught on such elements as Deathmatch, Teamplay and Co-op
What I would love to do is make a Teamplay option so that one team is the 
aliens and the other is the Xcoms this would be very interesting but also 
very hard to program, but we are doing it!!.
-=D=- is also working on changing the player mdls to sutible ones.
The plan is, when you have a certain type of armour, the model changes.
Also, with the flying suit armour, you will be able to fly.



Title    : Bubbah's Snakeman
Version  : 1.0
Date     : Oct. 23, 1996
Author   : Bubbah -- aka. Tan Sian Yue and parts of qc by Coyote
Email    : yue@worldaccess.nl
Credits  : id software for a kick-ass game
           & Ken Turner's Spider qc and help when I was stuck and 
	   also Ken's qc-file as the base  
           ,hell even Ken's .txt file (hope he don't mind). 
           I got little time as it is...
	   Also like to thank Coyote~ for his 
           input and help in making the qc file. All the AI credit
           should go to him...(thanks)

Author Information

Bubbah studies Architecture in Delft and was enlightened by the huge
potential of VR. walkthrough the QUAKE engine has. Unfortunately now he's
doin' other things that have absolutely nothin' to do with his studies
and ends up makin' things like Snakemen.... And for the future (and watch 
out for this folks) AMAZONIAN BAZOOKA BABES....

How to Install the Patch

Unzip the zip file to a directory in your Quake directory

eg. Xcom

Then run by typing

quake -game xcom

at the dos prompt

To get the latest news about the X-COM TC go to

Future Enhancements:

Erm.... I look at the Description...	

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

X-COM is a copyright of Microprose. Microprose in no way
endorses this patch, so don't contact them regarding this.
If for whatever reason Microprose wants to stop the project
they have every right to. if this happens do not complain to

We just hope that it does not come to that, because we have all
seen many projects be 'foxed', as it were. For example, both Alien Quakes,
Wheel of Time Quake and Quake Lego.

Authors MAY NOT use this TC as a basis for other
publically available work, even if you include our names.

You may distribute this Quake modification in any electronic
format as long as this description file remains intact and unmodified
and is retained along with all of the files in the archive.




If you think you can contribute to the project, then contact any of the
team or visit the homepage (listed above) and fill out the form.

Tezza (Terry Goodwin)

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