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Squawk Quake Total Conversion
version 2 (alpha)
by Simitar (www.oz.net/~simitar)

PROBLEMS?  e-mail "The Serpent Lord" 

We are very busy working on our CyberDawn TC.  We want to finish it as soon
as possible so we can get back to working on Squawk.  If you want more
information about Squawk or CyberDawn, check out our web page and/or contact
me by e-mail.

Meanwhile, here is a new (but still very buggy) version of Squawk.

1. put squawk2.zip in the quake folder
2. pkunzip -d squawk2.zip
3. quake -game squawk2

Check out our web page and learn a little about the Squawk setting.  In this
version of the Squawk Quake TC you play a "kobold" (formerly called an
"anthrosaur") which in this setting is an almost humanoid dinosaur. 

Built In Help:
Press H to print the help file to the console.  Press the ` or ~ key to
bring down the console.  Press the 'Page Up' and 'Page Down' to scroll
through the help file.  Press ESC to return to the game.

Keys 1 through 5 are menu keys.  Each time you press the key it selects
a different weapon or command.  To use the weapon or command, press your
fire button (usually the CTRL key)

Hold Down The Fire Button:
Holding down the fire button before releasing it has a special effect for
some commands/weapons.  The longer you hold the button down the more powerful
most attacks are.  Holding the button down also increases the range of
thrown weapons.  You must hold the button down for a second or so to fire
the crossbow or remove armor or backpacks.

3rd Person Point-of-View:
If you zoom out from your normal view you will see your character from a 3rd
person camera view.  This is a fun thing to watch in single player games, but
it is usually just annoying in multi-player games.

There are 2 levels in this version, squawk.bsp and ulrich7.bsp.  They're not
great levels as far as play is concerned, but they both have steeds for you
to try to ride.  To ride the steed just try to jump on it.  Most of the Quake
enemies have been modified so cheat and check out all of the regular Quake
levels to see what we've done to the creatures.

Role-Playing-Game Rules:
This version of Squawk implements some of the rules of the Squawk RPG.  The
latest version of those rules can be seen on our web page.  One effect of
those rules is that larger enemies are easier to hit but cause more damage
while smaller enemies are harder to hit but cause less damage.  Also, armor
and equipment can slow you down and make you sink faster.

The Status Bar:
I screwed it up pretty bad.  The weapon list shows which menu you are in
(1=weapons 2=spells 3=steed 4=items 5=view)  the number next to armor is
no longer the armor's health: it is your "borrowed hit points" when you do
to many things during a combat round and overextend yourself.  The number
next to the ammo box is no longer ammo: it is now "unused hit points"

Combat Rounds:
Every 2 seconds, your borrowed hit points will return to 0 and your unused
hit points will become equal to your total hit points (health)  When you
run, jump and attack with your sword you use hit points (every action
should use at least 1 hit point, i'm still working on that)  According to
the game rules, the hit points you have to "borrow" (next to your armor) are
subtracted from your combat action rolls.  This is not yet implemented, but
you can still see what that effect would be by looking at your status bar.

If you are the kind of sick person who likes to play with impulses here are
some that aren't bound already.

10..15   these will switch you to specific weapons instantly
20..21   same as 10..15 but with spells
30..     as above but with steed commands
40..     same ... drop and use items
50..     same ... view controls

255      cheat menu (works the same as other menu keys)
200..    instant cheat selection (same as 10.. 20.. 30.. and so forth)

Don't redistribute any partial or modified version of this without our
permission.  If you want our permission, my e-mail address is at the top
of this text file.

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