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Title           : Borg Quake
Filename        : Borg10.zip
Author          : Robert Knipe
E-Mail Address  : madcat@mulder.crc.net.au
Description     : You weren't gone for long, but while you were off-world 
                  your home was invaded and conquered by Quake and it's
 		  minions. The foul creatures,however,  didn't realise that
 		  all their activity had attracted the attention of an even
 		  more powerful foe. The Borg arrived and assimilated
 		  everything they could lay there optical sensors on.
 		  There are now hundreds of Borged-up Quake demons running 
		  around your home. It's time to send all these off-worlders
Thanks		: Thanks to Id software for Quake
		  Thanks to Gene Roddenberry & Paramount for Star Trek &
		     The Borg.
		  Thanks to Cable Hicks for the easy-to-use Quake editor
		  Thanks to "Mike" for the Grappling Hook
		  There are 2 Borg skins used here that I didn't create one
		     for the Soldier and one for the Enforcer. I don't know 
		     who created these but you know who you are and you have
		     my thanks.

** Play information **   
Single Player           : Yes
Co-Operative 2-4        : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4          : Not really - there's no new levels
Deathmatch 5+           : As above
Difficulty Level        : Normal Quake settings
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : No

** Construction Information **  
Editor(s) used          : ADQuEdit & Quakeme
Known Bugs              : None found.
Build Time              : Sorry - I don't own a watch

Its basically a collection of skins and sounds for Quake. Sort of like
the old Simpsons Doom & Doom2.

** Copyright/Permissions **   
You can use everything here anyway you want to. But let me know what you do
so I can try out any improvement or modifications you might make to it.

** How to use this patch **
Just unzip the files into a subdirectory of your Quake directory (but NOT
/ID1) - call it "Borg" or something like that. Return to your Quake 
directory and type :

			quake -game borg (or whatever you named the)
					 (directory with these files)

Start blowing the crap out of some Borg.

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