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*** Duke's Revenge ((not))  sound pack add-on v2 ***     
To be used with: Duke32.zip (or above)
Given to you by: Thomas Hansen. aka: Grim Reaper. 
                 Lord of Total Kill Inc. (TKi)
                  /--\   /-\
                /   /    \-/  __
              /    |         - /
            /      |      / _/
          /   /|   |__ /  _/ 
         \__/  |          |
               |    |\    \
               |    | \    \ 
               |    |  \    \
              /______\  \____|
               Total Kill inc.
              To enjoy Killing.


Date of release : 12-6-1998
Author info     : Thomas Hansen.   aka Grim Reaper.    Head of TKi.
              and Mark Heuckeroth. aka The Butcher.    Duke addict.

First! Place this patch in a directory like:
and place all files in this dir.
Then type (from the quake dir.) quake -game duke
Start killing duke's.

v2.0  : 0.82mb
-Used with Duke32.zip (or above)
-Now all sounds are placed in a pak1.pak , for your comfort.

v1.0  : 0.83Mb
-this sound package is to be used with the duke30.zip conversion by TKi
 you should be able to find this patch in: creatures/tc/partial-conversion.
 or take a look at my homepage.

contact me at:   grimm_reap@hotmail.com  

How did u find this patch?:
u heard a friend say good things about
ftp://www.cdrom.com/pub/quake >>>>
you stole a hard-disk, installed it, and found it a quake dir,
or used metacrawler and came to
or just by accident you stumbled into http://www.angelfire.com/co/tki ,
or,, you just got lucky.


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