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Title    : GruntReLoad
Filename : grntrld.zip
Version  : 1.0
Date     : 18/1/97
Author   : Matt Barnett
Email    : mbarnett@dial.pipex.com
Credits  : id software, for making the only computer games I ever play, and for
		releasing QuakeC

Build time: about 10 mins

Type of Mod
Quake C  : yes
Sound    : yes 1 file
MDL      : no  

Format of QuakeC (if a Quake C Mod)
unified diff  : no
context diff  : no
.qc files     : yes
progs.dat     : no

Description of the Modification
Replacemant Soldier.qc file that makes the soldier reload his shotgun somtimes.
Uses frames neglected by ID(no affence intended great ones).

Known bugs
The sound is mank.

How to Install the Modification

Just a replacement soldier.qc file. Just recompile with the rest of the source.
Ensure that the file


Resides in the directory c:\quake/patch/sound/soldier/ or somthing similar

Technical Details

Who Cares

Author Information
None of your business.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

This is Pubic Domain.


This modification is available from the following places:

FTP   : ftp.cdrom.com in \pub\quake\quakec\monsters ...probably

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