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Title    : A MultiSkin MDL for Reaper Bots
Filename : msreap20.zip
Version  : 2.0
Date     : 12/04/96
Author   : Jeremy Martin
Email    : jemartin@cswnet.com
Credits  : id for Quake, Steve for Reaper Bots, and all the great people who
           made the skins.

Build time: about 2 hours total.

Type of Mod
Quake C  : no
Sound    : no
MDL      : yes  

Format of QuakeC (if a Quake C Mod)
unified diff  : no
context diff  : no
.qc files     : no
progs.dat     : no

Description of the Modification
Just a multiskin file for Reaperbot. It allows for 16 different Reaperbots
to run around, instead of the drab brown ones. Very interesting.

Got the idea from reaprskn.zip, which changed the bots into 16 different
colored players. I realized that there wasn't one made for ReaperBots that
allowed totally different skins, so I made it. I enjoy it. 

Now that this is version 2.0 with head gibs, I have to make an apology! I
didn't list the skins in the patch and who made them. Terribly sorry, Here they are:

  #1 QUAKE GUY - id Software

  #2 DUKE NUKEM 2D - Buke (mbuckton@Direct.Ca)                     

  #3 SUB-ZERO - Dethstryk (jemartin@cswnet.com)

  #4 NYPD COP - Charlie Stevenson (Carlitos@sisna.com)
		Head Gibs by BUKE (mbuckton@Direct.Ca)

  #5 BOSSK - Les Helper (goofnads@aol.com)
  #6 HAN SOLO - Dan Bickell (danbickell@loop.com)

  #7 DARK TOAD - David Silverman (DrkToad@aol.com)

  #8 C3P0 - Dan Bickell (danbickell@loop.com)

  #9 HENRY ROLLINS - Scott Roberts (scaatt@execpc.com)
                     Head Gibs by BUKE (mbuckton@Direct.Ca)

 #10 BOBA FETT - Dan Bickell (danbickell@loop.com)

 #11 T-800 - Dan Bickell (danbickell@loop.com)

 #12 STORMTROOPER - Steve Connor (101325.2570@compuserve.com)
		    Head Gibs by BUKE (mbuckton@Direct.Ca)

 #13 PREDATOR - Scott Roberts (scaatt@execpc.com)

 #14 ENFORCER - id Software, converted to player.mdl by
                BUKE (mbuckton@Direct.Ca)
		Head Gibs by BUKE (mbuckton@Direct.Ca)

 #15 JASON - Paul J. Paella (paco@buffnet.net)
	     Head Gibs by BUKE (mbuckton@Direct.Ca)

 #16 CAPT. PICARD - Steve Connor (101325.2570@compuserve.com)
		    Head Gibs by BUKE (mbuckton@Direct.Ca)

I have my first skin included in here, for your viewing pleasure. It's Sub-Zero.
I just wanted to do an easy one. What do you think?

How to Install the Modification
In your ReaperBot directory, (where you have the ReaperBot's files stored)
make a directory called progs and place player.mdl and h_player.mdl in it.
Start the game normally with the ReaperBots, and before you add one, hit P to
enable skin mode. Then hit N for 4 bots, B for 1. You should know the procedure.

Technical Details
Technical? I used QuakeMe 2.3.. that's about it.

Author Information
This is my first Quake Mod ever distributed. I am quite proud of it, since
I haven't done anything before. I have alot of free time on my hands to do
this stuff.. but I can't tell you my age, or people will scorn me. ;)

Copyright and Distribution Permissions
Authors MAY use this modification as a basis for other publicly or
commercially available work without my permission

You may distribute this Quake modification in any electronic format as long
as all the files in this archive remain intact and unmodified and are
distributed together.
This modification is available from the following places:

FTP:  ftp.cdrom.com in \pub\quake\graphics\mdl

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