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MD2 viewer for Quake 2 Models
with source code
December 11, 1997
by Trey Harrison (trey@crack.com)


I've added a glideemu.dll for those of you without 3dfx cards.
Rename glideemu.dll to glide.dll, put it somewhere where
Windows can find it (the best place is in the directory from
which you run md2view), and make sure you're running Windows
in 16-bit color.

Md2view is a command-line based program, and there are a lot
of parameters. Dont worry, no list of -options to memorize, the md2view
command-line interface is about as easy as it gets. You specify
the model file (.md2), the .pak file (if you want to search
the .pak for models and skins), the .pcx file (if you want to use
a skin other than the one used by the .md2 file), or a .lst file
(a regular text file like this one with 1 .pcx filename per line --
a list of skins to view on the specified .md2 file).

* When you specify a .pak file, filenaming on the .md2 and .pcx files
  becomes important. You must specify the path for those files as
  it appears in the .pak file (dont foget the forward slashes '/').

* To find out what .md2's are IN the pak file, specify a pak file
  and no .md2 file. It will write the names of all .md2 files found
  in the .pak file to a file named "md2names.txt"

* If you specify a .pak file, and the specified .md2 or .pcx can't
  be found in it, md2view will search through your external .pak
  directories (the same way Quake does) for those files.

Examples (these are probably more useful than the above mess of instructions):

md2view c:\quake2\baseq2\pak0.pak models/monsters/tank/tris.md2

md2view tris.md2 (assumes you're in a directory containing tris.md2,
                  and that directory also contains the skins that tris.md2

md2view c:\quake2\baseq2\pak0.pak (will create md2names.txt)

I don't think you can do this:

md2view c:\asdf\tris.md2

because it will try to load skins from the directory which the
program started in (not c:\asdf, most likely)

md2view tris.md2 skin.pcx

md2view tris.md2 skins.lst

This probably wont work:

md2view tris.md2 models/monsters/tank/skin.pcx

Because no pak file was specified.

(* = changed from version 2.1)

- You can rotate him around with the mouse similar to +mlook.

- You can zoom in and out with the left and right mouse buttons, OR
  the A and Z keys.

- You can adjust the speed of animation with the + and - keys. (It
  might only work with the + and - on the numeric keypad, I havent

- You can see what the animation looks like WITHOUT linear interpolation
  by holding down the I key.

- You can move him in xy screen space with the arrow keys. This
  is especially useful for taking screen shots.

- You can freeze the animation by holding down the F key. (Releasing
  it resumes animation)

- You can take a screenshot by hitting the S key. (DONT hold it down)

* You can view different skins of the model by using keys 0-9
  (skin #0 is at key '1', skin #1 at key '2', skin #9 at key '0')

* You can also use the TAB key to flip through the different skins.
  (Shift+TAB flips backwards through the skin list)
* You can toggle between "skin" view and "model" view by hitting

For the Ambitious:

Position the model on screen using the mouse and arrow keys. Use +/-/F
to get the model in the frame of animation you want. While holding
F (to freeze the animation), tap S to take a screenshot.


When you start md2view, it starts writing screenshot files with
"shot0.tga". It will increment the number on the end of the filename
every time you take another screenshot, but (as I just said) resets
the number every time you restart.

Also, the screenshots seem dark, so you'll probably have to
doctor them up in your favorite image editor.

The code:

It started out as my old mdldemo code, but lots changed. I commented
some of it but not all. As it says at the top of each file, LEARN,
dont steal. And don't laugh at my method of transforming / projecting /
clipping the tris. It was a 5 minute hack =).

The .mdp and .mak files were built using MSVC 4.0. You'll also
need the GLIDE SDK.

Feel free to add on to this code and release a better viewer
(as long as you give credit where its due, *ahem*).

A nice GUI "front-end" that generates proper command line
arguments probably wouldnt be hard for those who have actually
taken the time to learn MFC.

The Glide Emulator

The emulator has extremely limited functionality, and I can pretty much
guarantee that you wont get it to work with much other than
md2view. I don't plan on releasing the code (sorry). Some key toggles
for the emulator:

Space Bar - toggles the framerate display
W         - toggles wireframe mode


My real job involves me working on an extremely cool game
called Golgotha. It is a combination of Doom and Warcraft
and deserves a much better description than what I've
written here. You can find more information and download
our latest demo via the link listed below.



Thanks to John Carmack and Brian Hook for responding to my
questions about the .md2 format, American McGee for putting up
with all the messages I send him on ICQ, and Dave Taylor for
tolerating the fact that I still write Quake/Quake2 utils.

Also thanks to |nsane for his helpful beta testing of the
md2view <-> glideemu.dll combo and his wonderful suggestion
of the .lst option.

Trey Harrison

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