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Title      : XianMOD
Filename   : xm-b01.zip
Version    : beta 0.1
Date       : February 18, 1998
Author     : Hector 'Xian' Ramos
Email      : hramos@tld.net
WWW page   : http://members.tripod.com/~xian_98/xianmod/
Credits    : QDeveLS for some tutorials
             Inside3D for some tutorials, flaregun skin (flaregun code original, not I3D's...)
	     Jormungard for the CTF code and LM team for the(grunt/scout) skins
             Jailbreak for (pyro) skins


	Simply, CTF meets gore. New weapons for your gibbing,
er pleasure. This is a beta version, you will find that some features have been disabled until further beta testing can be done. There are still some bugs, tho. Report them!


1.1. What is Xian Mod

	XianMOD adds totally new weapons to CTF. You can select them
by hitting various numbers a few times, for example 6. Hitting 6 will
cycle through the different types of grenades.

1.2. The rules

	Whenever you enter a deathmatch, you'll be assigened to either
Red or Blue team. Then you have to get to the enemy base, get their flag,
and capture it, protecting YOUR flag in the process. Use the new weapons
for the needed extra help.

1.3. Score system

15 frags for captures, 1 for killing enemies, and 3 for defending your team's flag carrier or killing enemy team's flag carrier.


2.1. Installing and launching

	Just make sure you extract this zip into a subdirectory
of the Quake2 folder such as 'xmod'. Then add -game xmod to the 
Quake2 path when you run it.

2.2. Maps

	We've got some new maps for your pleasure. They are deathmatch maps, but should prove great for CTF.

XM01 -> Fatality 2
XM02 -> Infernal Base
XM03 -> Painkiller
XM04 -> Ziggurat Vertigo
XM05 -> Fear in Your Eyes
XM06 -> The Bad Place
XM07 -> Dark Base
XM08 -> Acrophobia 2


If this mod fucks up your computer, it's not my fault - it doesn't
fuck up mine.

All betas ARE NOT for mass distribution. Only for testing. If this
version you have here is a beta and was not sent to you by Xian
himself, contact Xian.

You MAY distribute the non-beta versions across the internet. If you
decide to include it in a CD, contact me first and get my written

Check TODO.TXT for bugs, before reporting them!

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