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July 15, 1998

Title         : Structural Mechanics

Filename      : pak0.pak (smd1.bsp, smd2.bsp)

Author        : David Hyde

Email         : rascal@magnolia.net

Updates       : http://www.magnolia.net/~rascal
Description   : Structural Mechanics Division at the Waterways
                Experiment Station in Vicksburg, MS.
                Violates every author's rule of not copying existing
                architecture, but this building isn't your typical
                office environment. This is a map of my workplace,
                with a few extra traps thrown in. The monsters
                are real.

Story         : While the Marines were off fighting on Stroggos, we had
                a few visitors here on Earth. The Strogg have taken over
                the Structural Mechanics Division (guardians of the free
                world). Your mission is to detonate all explosive testing
                devices within the SMD before the Strogg do it themselves,
                and, of course, kill all Strogg. This will enable the SMD
                to get back to business as usual, and more importantly,
                allow you to claim primary authorship in a career-enhancing
                technical report.

Bugs/Problems : The work area of the building is too large and too detailed
                to be playable on a software-only system. It runs
                exceptionally well on a P300 w/256Mb and a Monster 3D II
                (duh), and pretty darn good on a P200/32Mb and a Monster 3D.
                I can't vouch for anything else.

Installation  : 1) Create a directory \smd below your Quake2 directory.
                2) Unzip pak0.pak to the \quake2\smd directory.
                3) Play by using the command line

                quake2.exe +set skill X +set game smd +map smd1

Credits       : Knifeswitch prefab modified from that found at
                BadMonkey Prefabs (http://www.rcip.com/badmnky/prefab/prefabs.html)
                I have no idea who the original author is.

                Thanks to Matt (Tron) at 3D Gamer's Edge
                (http://members.harborcom.net/~solosoul) for posting a review
                of this map and for his sage advice.

Changes:        Divided large work areas with dividing walls... really
                hated to do this, but the map was virtually unplayable on
                all but the fastest systems.

                Corrected a perplexing hall-of-mirrors problem in one of
                the 2nd floor offices.

                Fixed a couple of areas where the player could get stuck
                previously (cab of instrumentation truck and inside
                one of the reaction vessels).

                Corrected a few inconsistencies in types of ammo/weapons
                that were given up by dead Strogg, e.g. machinegun is no
                longer given up by a Berserker.

Other         : All of the explosive devices and testing equipment depicted
                in the map are real, and are fairly accurate representations
                of the real thing. However, we perform the majority of our
                explosive tests at remote test sites rather than in-house,
                for obvious reasons. The exception to this is the large
                Blast Load Generator (the large cylinder on rails), in which
                we frequently detonate charges up to about 50 lbs. The only
                inaccuracy with the BLG is the exaggerated earthquake. This info
                is provided for those of you who might get the wrong impression
                that we are completely insane... no, we don't detonate large
                quantities of explosives just outside the restroom (usually).


Play Information

Single Player      : Yes
Difficulty Settings: Yes... 0,1,2
Cooperative        : No
Deathmatch         : No way


Base           : Nothing
Editor(s) used : qED
Build Time     : Way too long
Textures used  : Original Q2 textures, plus custom textures included
                 in pak0.pak

Copyright / Permissions

Do whatever you want with it, but include this .txt file.
If you make any money from this, have a beer on me.

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