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Title                   : LupoHous
Author                  : Destroy 
Email Address           : VsChorusVs@aol.com
Description             : This is a wild deathmatch level based
                          on my house.  It features a toilet
                          that will flush (teleport), you into
                          a water tube which leads to the
                          kitchen.  The whole level is well lit.
                          Everything you need to see is lit.
                          But at the same time it has some
                          dramatic lighting.  Action packed
                          level with many weapons and routes
                          and killholes.  Oh yeah there is also
                          a cool blue pool table with balls!
Beta Testing            : Harvester of Sorrow, Destroy
Other Works             : I made dluxhous.wad, washmonu.wad,
                          telekill.wad, 7-10splt.wad,
                          fourcorn.wad, and others for doom2.
                          And I am currently working on a
                          ctf level for Quake and a version of
                          Lupohous with Rogue (mission pack #2)
                          items/weapons.  And perhaps a Hipnotic
                          (mission pack #1) version also.

* Play Information

Single Player           : For viewing/learning purposes
Cooperative             : nope (theres not even coop starts)
Deathmatch              : You betcha.  2 to 10 players in
                          deathmatch 1.  Any more players and
                          it would have to be deathmatch 2.
Difficulty Settings     : No
New Sounds              : Yes 
New Graphics            : No
Demos Replaced          : None
Source Included         : No

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch based on
                          my dluxhous.wad from doom2.
Editor(s) used          : BSP (get this editor!)
Known Bugs              : the stupid quad damage will respawn
                          in the water tube after a while. and some
                          weapons dissapear as you're about to get
                          them.  but this doesnt happen often.
Build Time              : About 40 hours (wild guess)
Brushes                 : doh, never counted but it does
                          have very good framerate.
*Special Thanks To*

Snafu, for advice in some parts.
Harvestor of Sorrow for beta testing.

*installing and playing LupoHous*
Make a new directory in your quake directory called LUPOHOUS.
Unzip this zip file into quake\lupohous with the -d option.

* Running LupoHous with the new toilet flush sound *
From your quake directory type:
Quake -game lupohous +map lupohous

* Running Lupohous with a patch *
go to the lupohous directory that you made before
go to the maps directory in your lupohous directory
you should be in  ?:\quake\lupohous\maps
copy LupoHous.bsp to ?:\quake\id1\maps\

from your quake directory type:

quake -game  +map lupohous

then kill your friends
*call a truce among your friends.  then gather everyone
in the "bathroom" (that room with the toilet) and then
FLUSH IT.  You and your friends will NOT be dissapointed.

LupoHous.bsp may only be distributed 
provided all text files remain intact.

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