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Rocket Gobbler				A Quake 2 DM level by Chip Bumgardner 


Filename                : Gob_q2.zip
Version                 : 1.0; 2-20-98
Author                  : Chip Bumgardner "Uncle Slappy"
E-mail                  : Cbumgardner@interplay.com 
Description             : Finally a fun Quake2 DM map for me and my friends. 
Beta testers            : A buncha Interplay nerds, and some other friends.
Other levels by author  : Too many to list. None have been released to the public.

* Boilerplate information *

single player           : No
cooperative             : No
deathmatch              : Yes
demos replaced          : None
new graphics            : No
new sounds              : No
new monsters/weapons    : No
new Code                : No
music	                : No 

* construction *

base                    : Scratchola
editor(s) used          : Worldcraft 1.5b (where is 1.6???)
build time              : A week or so. 
number of brushes       : About a zillion.
compile time            : On a PII 266 w/ 192 Megs RAM
			  	   QBSP3: 30 sec.
				   QVIS3: 3800 sec.
			 	   QRAD3: 350 sec.
known Bugs              : None


* junk *

I just wanna say one thing. Deathmatch is about getting a big gun and blowing the 
crap out of all your friends. If you agree with my assessment then you will love 
this level. I hope you have fun. This is not another "look I copied everything I
could from an existing Quake2 map and put my name on it" map, it is something I 
cooked up for a few friends and they enjoyed so much they coaxed me into releasing 

If you have problems getting through the octagon shaped openings I would suggest you 
learn how to strafe :)

All weapons are here minus the BFG and the Hyper-Blaster. You also will not find 
an invulnerability on this level (there is however a quad but you will have to 
rocket-jump to get it).


* installation *

Unzip the file Gob_q2.bsp into your Quake2/Baseq2/maps directory, start Quake2 and 
type "map gob_q2" at the console.


* Credits *

- I love Id.
- All the guys at Interplay that still play with me.


* legal stuff *

Please don't rip me off. If you wanna put this on a cd, tell me via E-mail.


* Where to get this level *

ftp.cdrom.com and it's mirror sites

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