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Title                   : Nostraboogopolis by DaFragsta
Filename                : daf2dm1.bsp
Author         		: Chris Sparks "DaFragsta"
Email Address           : dafragsta@mindless.com
WWW Address		: http://bleet.ml.org/

Description             : A warehouseesque designed map that doesn't abide by
			: the standard warehouse design. Just an all around
			: kick ass DM map that surprisingly works great for
			: 2-16 players.

Additional Credits to   : Of course id Software for making a kickass game with
			: such an open architecture that it allows us to do cool
			: stuff like level editing. I also have to thank
                        : QUAKEBONE, (he works for AOL ;)) Kingrat, Breuhaha, 
			: Tetsuo, (these 3 guys gave me the most constructive
			: and helpful feedback) Alaska, everyone at the CPL Event
			: who stumbled across the server running an early copy of
			: this map. (None of them had anything negative to say
			: except for `Tsuba who yelled "this fucking map needs
			: more fucking rockets. Needless to say rockets were 
			: added.) The Stryker, B00gieman, (who insists all my maps
			: suck) Karrde (who thinks I should be hired by id. ;))
			: and everyone else in the Skynet Gaming Group. All these
			: losers helped me test out the capacity of the map and
			: gave feedback whenever possible.

Notes                   : This is map is part of a series of Quake 2 DM maps that
                        : I began designing about 6 months ago. It is actually the
                        : ninth map I started but is the first I polished as close
                        : to perfection as possible. I laid this map out in 2 hours
                        : and spent a solid 40 or so hours making sure every texture was
                        : perfect, the lighting was adequate but not too much, and
			: making sure the weapon/special item/ammo balance was fair
			: and evenly distributed. 
			: I will probably convert each of my maps to CTF and Rocket
			: Arena as they are finished. (btw, this map works great as a
			: pickup arena as it is.
			: If you like this map or if you  have any constructive
			: feedback about something I should've differently, 
			: please email me.

Note to mod creators	: If you are scouring the earth for a mapper and like my work
and prospective game	: please drop me a line and we can work something out.
development companies.


* Play Information *

Single Player           : No
Cooperative             : No
Deathmatch              : Yes
3Wave CTF               : Soon (different map)
CD Track		: 0
Special Notes		: Gravity = 700. This really makes things interesting. It's just
			: slightly lower than the default. (800) So you can just barely
			: jump onto 64h crates without assistance. Also grenades fly pretty
			: damn far now, and the level in general is a rocket jumper's
			: paradise. (You don't have to rocket jump to get anywhere, but
			: you can if you so choose.)

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch.
Finish Date             : September 4, 1998
Editor(s) used          : Worldcraft 1.6
Known Bugs              : none
Build Time              : roughly 50 hours

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may not use this level as a base to build additional

This BSP is free to use and distribute as long as this zip file and it's contents aren't 
modified. No monetary compensation may be received in return for distributing this level
and in no case may this level be included in any level compilations or any other CDROM
type archives to be sold for profit without my consent.

Distribution of this file is done at the end users risk. No warrantys expressed, written 
or implied otherwise are valid. The author of this map is not responsible for data loss,
decrease in productivity, profit losses, or any other perls related in any way to the use
of this and related files. In fact, should the end user attain any such predicaments as
stated above, the author of this map will assume that the end user is a dumbass.
Copyright 1998 Chris "DaFragsta" Sparks 

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