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May the 23h 1998.


Title                   : The 4rd. Chapter in The book of Death. - Park of The Miniput.
Filename                : Chapter4.bsp 
Author                  : Toke D "Cold" Jørgensen Aka .Arq.Rauch of Clan Knights of The Void 
			  and The Inner Order.
Included files		: chapter4.bsp & this .txt file.
Email Adress            : toke@post6.tele.dk (comments very welcome!)
Homepage                : http://www.clan.dk/void/ (Clan Homepage)
			  Separate Inner Order Site coming soon (description of The 
			  Inner Order follows).
Description             : Clean Deathmatch Level for Quake II, nr 4 in 
                          a serie of 12 maps, called The 12 Chapters in the Book of 
			  Death by The Inner Order. 
Additional credits to   : Id Software for the Godlike game Quake.
                          Ben Morris for Worldcraft - The best Ed' out :)
       			  Clan Knights of The Void.
			  Iikke Keranen for opening my eyes to the e3u1 texture set.
			  - Ikdm4 is the most beautifull astounding level i have ever
			  let my eyes upon!	

-------Playing information--------------

Level name              : Chapter4.bsp
Single                  : No!!
Deathmatch              : Good for 2-6 players.
Known bugs		: None so far. Please report if You find any!
Notes                   : This Level was made quite fast out from an idea about 	
			  a fast-paced 1on1 map i got.
			  After some testing, we found the Level suitable for more
			  players and 2on2 teams.
			  The design is quite simple just 4 rooms with overlaying

------Build information----------------

Editors used            : Worldcraft 1.6 
Brushes                 : 352
Entities                : 163
Build time              : 1 day.
Texture set		: e3u1 + some others.

------About The Inner Order------------

The Inner Order is the two leaders of the Danish Clan Knights of The Voids project.
They are:
Toke D."Cold" Jørgensen   Aka [KV].Arq.Rauch (me)
Jesper Svejgård Pedersen  Aka [KV]^Pzyco^

We will be creating levels both for Deathmatch and singleplay, and review the levels
made by the members inside Clan Knights of The Void.
We create q1 levels as well as q2 levels, and rewiev both.

By time, our plan is to run a site that concentrate on reviewing Danish/Nordic levels, 
and try to be as helpfull to new Level designers as we can.

For now, our site is a part of the officiel homepage of Clan Knights of the void, but 
soon we will be having a site at Clan.Dk (hopefully).

We will release each level when done, as well as a complete .pak file with all levels
+ maybe some bonus stuff. Therefore it is urgent you report any annoying bugs in our levels
so we can fix everything for the final release. (please).

We hope You will welcome our levels as good, as we are both "new" at designing Q2 levels.
However we have several quake1 levels out. 
They can be found at out site.
 Thank you.

	The Inner Order.

Visit our site at:  

(coming soon)

------Legat Stuffs---------------------

This map is a COPYRIGHT of Toke D "cold" Jørgensen Aka .Arq.Rauch, and may not be used
in any sort of compilation or any other wierd idea, without written permission from 
Toke D "Cold" Jørgensen Aka .Arq.Rauch (me).


Thanks for D'ling my map.


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