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Title			: Strogg Sewage Treatment Plant
Filename		: al2dm2.bsp
Author			: Al Harrington (geezer)
Email			: geezer@deepwell.com
Web                     : http://www.deepwell.com/~bigal/quake.htm
                            - for screenshots (action and still)
                              and strategies

Description		: A sewage treatment plant consisting of 2 main battle

Thanks to		: id
			  Yahn Bernier, for the awesome BSP
			  DeadMeat for BSP HQ & the great BSP tutorials

Other maps              : Quake 1 - aldm1 (The Waterin' Hole), 
                             aldm2 (The Wishing Well)
                          ThunderWalker CTF 4.0 - twctf2m7 
                             (Test For Echo)
			  Quake 2 - al2dm1 (Deathabilia 2)


* Other Info *

I love wide-open areas for battles.  This is the ultimate in FFA IMO.  Trying
to keep track of everyone w/o loosing parts of your anatomy is great.

This map has an outside area and an inside area.  Outside, there is a BFG in
a "lava pit".  This pit can be triggered to fill up, which makes for some 
great moments.  There is a quad in the pump room inside to increase the 


First - there are 2 "streams" with water flowing.  You will need to set 
cl_forwardspeed to something like 500 in order to swim upstream.  

Second - BOT information.  I have only tested with C.R. Bots (.99a)but 
they are unable to climb ladders.  If the bots you use can't climb ladders 
they will _NOT_ do well at all as almost all the good stuff is up on 
ladders (or you way out of the lava pit).

Check out the web site for screenshots, action shots as well as some 
strategies that have worked for me (against live bodies, not bots).

* Play Info *

Single Player		: No (just a start)
Cooperative		: No
Deathmatch		: Yes (6 start points) 
                          2 - 8 players work well
Difficulty Settings	: No
New Sounds		: No
New Graphics		: No
Sound Track		: None
Demos Replaced		: None
Source Included		: No

* Construction *

Base			: New level from scratch
Editor used		: BSP
Known Bugs		: none known
Brushes			: 912
Construction Time	: about a month

The file, al2dm2.bsp, may only be distributed provided this text file
remains intact.  This map may not be sold or distributed without prior
_written_ consent from the author.

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