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QUAKE2 SKIN	     	MacFrugal                   9/13/98

Author:		Bill Rhodes

E-Mail:		macfrugal@27.org

Files:		macfrugal.pcx

Instructions:	Just unzip all these files to your quake2/baseq2/players/male 

Important: 	I am not responsible if you stuff this up, your actions are your 
                own and I take no responsibility for any harm that befalls you
                as a result of using this skin.

Other:  	This skin was made for the members of Clan MacFrugal, but anyone can 
                use it because we don't care and we're as into free stuff as anybody.
                The original skin was made by ID Software, and the "skin" parts were 
                made from a remixed skin by Pimo (rsims@zebra.net).  The base used 
                was the "nudeguy" skin.  I'm pretty sure that the original was from 
                the "Major" skin, but the only author I could find for "nudeguy" was
                "anonymous".  If you see him, thank him for the nice base.
                Anyway, I painted various items onto the nudeguy skin and added the 
                "William Wallace Blue" using Adobe Photoshop and then checked my work 
                in jawMD2.  I had planned to add a lot more things (like furry boots 
                and more leather), but it got late and I didn't care that much.

DISCLAIMER:	Skin authors are free to use this skin as a base for other skins as 
                long as the original authors (that would be ID Software, Pimo and 
                Bill Rhodes) get credit for the base. 
                This skin is available for free distribution via BBS, FTP, and other
                electronic means. 
                This skin may be included in any CD-ROM or other product whose sales 
                earn profit for their publishers as long as this file, including the 
                authors' names, is distributed along with it. 

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