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Date: 8 April, 1998
Title                   : Mega Weapons Pack                        
Filename                : MWP.zip			 

Author                  : Justin "Stryker" Siek  (Yes, I did put my REAL name this time!)
Email Address           : msiek@netcom.ca

Description             : VERY COOL!!!

			  Just a quick patch I designed to make DM more fun. Try it, you'll
			  like it!

Installation		: Place the gamex86.dll file into x:\quake2\mwp. (x being the 
			  drive quake2 is installed on)
			  Run quake2 with:  quake2 +set game mwp.

Additional Credits to   : My family and friends for offering suggestions and the play 
			  testers, and ID software for Quake2
* Play Information *

Game                    : Quake 2 v3.14
Single Player           : Yes (very unfair)
Co-op                   : Yes (very unfair)
Deathmatch	        : YES - This is what it was designed for!

* Construction *

Base                    : None
Editor used             : MS Visual C++ 4.5
Patch info		: Source 3.14 used
Other Programs          : None
Compile Machine		: P200, 64 MB ram, Diamond Monster 3D
Construction time       : Couple of days
Known bugs/Problems     : None!


* Copyright / Permissions *

Fell free to put this patch on web sites etc. for public 

* Comments *

Send me some e-mail, let me know what you think of the patch.


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