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Lithium Quake II Mod v0.87

by WhiteFang (matt@lithium.com)
Available at www.lithium.com

   * All features are toggleable, use only the ones you want.
   * Runes; strength (red), resist (blue), regen (green), and haste (yellow).
   * Improved HUD with frags, frags/hr, players, your place, current rune.
   * Damage, speed, and radius adjustable for all weapons.
   * More detailed obituaries, with your enemy highlighted in green text.
   * Grappling hook.
   * Configurable map queue with randomize option.
   * Customizable MOTD (except Lithium info).
   * Observer fly-thru mode.
   * Safety time period for player spawns.
   * No camp option kills campers (adjustable).
   * Kicks anyone who suicides by typing 'kill' many times.
   * Faster respawning as more players join.
   * Adjust start/max values for health, ammos, and armor.  Also setup which
     weapons clients will start with.
   * Server configuration and toggles implemented as cvars.  This allows
     .cfg files for startup and instant changes on the server console.
   * Bug fixes to Id Software code, including BFG crash, timescale cheat,
     respawning grenades, and no super shotgun auto select with one shell.
   * Compiled for both Windows (gamex86.dll) and Linux (gamei386.so).

Create a "lithium" directory in your Quake II directory and copy the
included files there.  You can run either a dedicated server (console
only) or a listen server (where you can play on that machine as well).

To start a dedicated server, use this command line:

   quake2.exe +set dedicated 1 +set maxclients 32 +set game lithium

To start a listen server, use this command line:

   quake2.exe +set deathmatch 1 +set maxclients 32 +set game lithium

Adjust the maxclients value accordingly.  You can modify the MOTD to your
liking by editing the motd.txt in the lithium directory.  Note that the
deathmatch setting is implied for dedicated servers.

If you'd like to alter the configuration, add "+exec lithium.cfg" to the
command line and edit the included lithium.cfg to your liking.  Or create
your own .cfg file to use, see lithium.cfg for reference.  A normal.cfg
is provided as well, which contains the Quake II defaults.  Note that if
no .cfg file is specified, the internal defaults will be used (lithium.cfg
represents those).

Any of the commands you see in the .cfg files can be entered directly to
the server console.  The change will take effect immediately for any
setting, except no_bfg (which will take effect next map).

The client command to drop a rune is "cmd rune_drop".  To go back into
observer mode, "cmd observer".  An example of what to type on the client
console to bind the 'd' key to drop a rune:

   bind d "cmd rune_drop"

To use the grappling hook, bind a key to "+hook".  To use the Quake 1
style scoreboard, bind a key to "+scores".

I have many new features planned.  There's always more :-)

I appreciate feedback, bug reports, new ideas, and comments (good or bad).
I've been updating this server code in between working on Quake II map
editing support in Qoole (www.qoole.com).  I plan to continue working
on both, so watch for updates.  My email is matt@lithium.com.  Sorry if
I don't reply, as I get a lot of email, but know that I do read it all.

I'm on EFNet IRC as WhiteFang, you can find me in #Qoole, #Lithium, and
other Quake related channels.  If I don't respond to a private msg, I'm
either away or busy.  Don't be offended, but I will eventually read what
you sent.  I absorb all :)  I simply can't respond to everything.

I'm running a Lithium Quake II Mod mailing list for discussion about this
mod and Quake II mods in general.  You can opt for daily digests of the
mail list now.  Also an announce list is available, for those of you only
interested in hearing about updates.  To subscribe, send an email with
"subscribe" in the message (not the subject), to the appropiate address:


Original obituaries code by Karl Spitznas (Billab0ng, spitznas@cc.wwu.edu).
Thanks to Micah McCrary (micah@xtn.net) for the first Linux beta testing.

Have fun!


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