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Bounty Hunters v1.1 Quake 2 MOD
        by \XaRn\ and 
 tested by Phreak and Draysoth

get skins from www.primenet.com/~xarn/clrskn10.zip |
new since 1.0
1..TEAMS! wooo!
2..price now displays when u touch item.
3..got rid of wave 10 crap
4..f1 now shows value, not credits!
5..added colored skins
6..fixed title

new commands
cmd credits        shows your current credits
cmd value          shows your value when someone kills you 
cmd team           shows team stats of your team
cmd setteam #      set your team number
cmd keepout #      dont let anyone join your team 1=on 0=off
cmd independent    disband from team

new stuff
When your in a team, all money collected is in one team pile, 
all members can use, so use keepout wisely or be independent
if you dont want anyone usin your money unwisely.

======\Installation Instructions\==============
Make a bounty directory inside yer quake 2 directory...
unzip this file directly into it. 
start quake2 with the command quake2 +set game bounty to
run a server and thats it!...   client does not need to use
the +set game! Client needs unzip the skins to 

team players starts with what ever is in the team bank...
independant players start with 2000...
if a team player dies, all the credits he earned for his
team will stay, if your independant you have to restart from
2000. Each kill will give you half of the player you killed's
value, which includes his frag creds and how much weapons
he has. The more cash you have, the better the weapon you 
can 'buy' (pick up) Credits are taken away when weapons are
picked up, and your value has the weapons you get added to 
it! On the rank screen (f1) it shows the richest people, go
kill em and take thier money.

Current Weapon Prices:
Shotgun: 1000
Super Shotgun: 1500
Machinegun: 2000
Chaingun: 2500 
Grenade Launcher: 3000
Rocket Launcher: 3500
HyperBlaster: 4000
Railgun: 7000
BFG: 10000


Credits:Code: \XaRn\ - xarn_@hotmail.com
Documentor and tester: Draysoth - dp95ad@netcom.ca
Send all bug reports to \XaRn\ at the above address!
Frag away!

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