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Quake 2 DeathMatch/Server Runes Mod (DLL file included) 12/30/97
Title			: Quake 2 Runes v1.2a
Author			: Jason Taylor a.k.a. Cicero
Email Address		: jasont@bayarea.net
Description		: The original 'Runes' patch, first coded by Zoid
		  	  for Quake, recoded for Quake 2. Players can pick
		  	  up runes and get different powers from them.
Additional Credits to	: id Software for Quake2 and their source.
			  Zoid for coding the original Runes mod for Quake.
			  All the regulars on Matador for their inspiration.

* Play Information *

Single Player		: No
Deathmatch		: Yes!
New Sounds		: No
New Graphics		: No
New Music		: No

* Construction *

Base			: Quake2 DLL Source
Editor(s) Used		: Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0
Known Bugs		: None
Build Time		: 3 days

* Install Instructions *

1) Unzip into your Quake2 dir. It will create the necessary subdirs.
2) Run your Quake server with the command line parameter "+set game runes".

* Modifications since v1.2 *

- Recompiled for 3.09 patch.

* Modifications since v1.1 *

- Added Super Rune (glowing yellow Pyramid key): Powerup, gives power of all 4 runes
  for 30 seconds. Appears every 3 minutes. Up to 1 super rune per player can be in
  existence at any given time.
- Regeneration rune now regenerates armor as well as health.
- Resistance rune gives complete resistance to drowning/slime/lava.
- Shotgun, super shotgun and grenade launcher fire a little a faster with Haste rune.

* Bugs fixed/Modifications since v1.0 *

- Runes now spawn after level changes.
- Runes fall to different spot than weapon when player killed.
- Regeneration rune heals up to 150 health
- MOTD feature: put a text file named 'motd.txt' in your root Quake2 directory.
  (Thanks SumFuka!)
- Weapon-based death messages.

If anyone has any other bugs that need to be addressed, or other ideas to make this
patch better in general, send them in!

* Other Info *

For those of you that never played the original Zoid mod, the runes are as follows:

1) Strength Rune (red key)	: Double weapon damage.
2) Resistance Rune (blue key)	: Take 1/2 damage from others.
3) Regeneration Rune (pass key)	: Regenerate life up to 150 health.
4) Haste Rune (power cube)	: Double rate of fire.

You can only hold one rune at a time. To drop whatever rune you are carrying, type
"drop rune" at the command prompt. Runes appear when weapons, ammo, or armor spawn.
About 1.5 runes per player connected will appear during the level. If a rune is not
picked up within 60 seconds, it vanishes (allowing another rune to spawn elsewhere).

This patch is still in its early stages, there's probably bugs in it somewhere. Please
email me if you find them so I can fix them in future versions.

* Legal Stuff *

If you wish to redistribute this patch (other than CDROM.COM) please email me first.
If you wish to have the source code, it is available on request, email me. 
If you put up a server running this patch, I'd love to hear about it. :)

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