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Title			: BigPaw Config for Quake 2 and Q2 CTF
Version 		: 2.0
Author  		: Dengue_Vector

Email Address		: dengue@bigpaw.com

Misc. Author Info	: HTTP://www.bigpaw.com/clan.htm

Description		: This is a config file setup for Q2
			  and Q2 CTF

Additional Credits to	: Maleficent, Elvn, Scarfa21, Dorian
			  Abaddon, and Chrome for beta testing		           

			  and of course id Software
				- The MASTERS...


* Copyright / Permissions *

You MAY distribute this script, provided you include this file,
with no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any 
electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you
include this file intact.

* Where to get this script *

Clan BigPaw's Home Page


* Install Procedure *

  Install Program

	1. Click on Setup.exe  

  Zipped Version

 	1. Extract to your quake2 directory

  Final install should be like this:

	  |	 |
	  |    Autoexec.cfg
	  |    Bigpaw.cfg
	  |      |
	  |      ------BigPaw
	  |      |        |
	  |      |      BPMisc.rc
	  |      |      BPMove.rc
	  |      |      BPnosound.rc
	  |      |      BPnotaunts.rc
	  |      |      BPSound1.rc
	  |      |      BPTauntkeys.rc
          |      |      BPTaunts1.rc
          |      |      BPWeapons.rc
	  |      |        |
          |      |        --------Docs
          |      |
          |      ------Sound
          |              |
          |              -----Bigpaw
          |                     |
          |                     ----SP1
          |                          |
          |                         *all the sounds*

* Uninstall Procedure *

  Install Program (Win95)

	1. Use Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs

	2. Delete the directories above

* Additional notes *

  1. 	Because of variable flags in CTF, you will need to 
	set your team twice. The first time you get on the 
	server, Zoid's box will appear and you have to choose
	red or blue team. Once you have connected, press 
	END to select what team you are again. It is a 
  	toggle key. This will enable the intelligent F2-F12
	keys (ie, Defending BLUE base).

  2.  	Id software changed the way .cfg files are loaded with 
	CTF. This has made it necessary for 2 autoexec files, 
	one for the CTF directory, and one for the Baseq2 dir.
	If you only want to use this script for CTF, modify the
	autoexec.cfg in the baseq2 directory.

  3. 	Please be sure the directory structure is as above. If
	the script does not work, it is probable that it was 
	unzipped to incorrect location.
  4. 	A complete listing of all the commands are in the /docs


	Before unzipping this script, backup your previous 
	config files. Do this by making a copy in a seperate
	folder. If you decide you do not like this script, 
	simply remove it, and re-install your old ones.

	This script does UMBINDALL, erasing all previous
	binds, every time it is started.

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