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				  Deathmatch Extras

Title    : Deathmatch Extras (DMX)
Filename : DMX.zip
Version  : 1.0
Date     : 10/30/97
Author   : Kenneth Yeung aka: Kenneth
Email    : westec@istar.ca
Credits  : id Software, for Quake of course.
	   Rene Post, for the amazing qME.
	   Eric Stern, for the amazing Film At 11.
	   Tom Vykruta and Dan Schoenblum, for the amazing DEMentED.
	   Jeff Preshing, for the amazing Creepcam which the intro was filmed with.
	   and Suicide, Sartori, and Tork (whoever you guys are) for
		clips from your amazing demo (3wycreep) that I used for the intro.

* Play Information *

Single Player           : not really
Cooperative 2-16 Player : not really
Deathmatch 2-16 Player  : yep
Difficulty Settings     : not really
New Graphics            : not really
New Sounds              : yep
New Models              : yep
Quake-C Modifications   : no way

* Construction *

Base                    : The original Quake
Editor(s) used          : qME, Film At 11, DEMentED, CoolEdit, Paint Shop Pro

Description of the Modification

Well, I always liked to tweak games a little to make them just a bit more to my taste.
Quake came along, I started messing aroung with it editing some sounds here and there
and editing the player model a bit just to make it look a bit better.  And basically, this
is the result.  Deathmatch Extras.  Just a whole bunch of little things changed to make
Deathmatch look and sound just a little bit cooler.  I excluded any Quake C because I
wanted to keep it the same game.  It's still just Deathmatch.  And if you want to use it 
with other patches, there's no conflict whatsoever.  Also, if you don't like something in it, 
you can just delete it.  Simple.  So that's what this is:  Deathmatch Extras, a cosmetic
enhancement to Quake Deathmatch.

Features Include:

 - Almost every single frame of the player model is redone.
 - All the gibs are redone
 - New sounds for the nail guns, grenade laucher, rocket laucher and lightening gun.
 - New death and injury sounds for the player (taken from qtest1)
 - Intro movie
 - Many other things here and there

Known bugs

 - The leg gibs of the player arn't the same colour as the player pant colours (don't 
   think this is fixable without Quake C).
 - When a player is killed, he can sometimes be blasted through the wall.  I could fix
   this, but I think it's kinda cool.
 - Corpses will sometimes seem to float in mid air.  Related to the above bug...
 - If you find anymore tell me about them...

How to Install

1. Create a directory in your Quake directory call DMX (or whatever you want).
2. Unzip the DMX.zip file into that directory.
3. Start Quake by typing QUAKE -GAME DMX (or whatever you called that directory).

Technical Details

Not much involved in this patch, so I don't think you need anymore memory to run it
then you do to run Quake.  Try to wait for the intro to finish before starting a game
because the intro uses fades and slow motion and you might start the game still in a fade
or in slow motion.  If you really can't wait, just goto the console and type STOPDEMO or
something like that.  The timing of the music in the intro may be off because I haven't
tested it on any other computers except mine (64 meg p133).  I don't know if this patch
works in GL Quake because I haven't testing it in GL Quake yet.  Everything else should be

Author Information

This is my first publicly released Quake patch.
I've done work on the Final Fantasy VII Quake TC (discontinued).
I do modeling and sound editing and the intro was my first attempt at a movie (you won't
believe how long that took me :)).  
I'm a 16 year old male from Pickering Ontario.  Right now their's a teacher strike going
on for an indefinate period of time and that's part of the reason why I decided to do this,
because of all the free time that I now have :D.

Copyright and Distribution Permissions

Authors MAY use these modifications as a basis for other publicly or
 commercially available work, just as long as you tell me and give me credit.

You may distribute this Quake modification in any electronic format as long as
 all the files in this archive remain intact and unmodified and are distributed

Please feel free to e-mail me for any questions, comments, suggestions, or anything.

Kenneth Yeung
e-mail:  westec@istar.ca
ICQ UIN#:  2463333

If you're still unsure of whether or not to download this, then hear this:


Now you can download it.  Enjoy!

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