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November 11th 1996
Title                   : American GothiQuake V2.0
Filename                : AmGoth2.zip
Author                  : Russell McKenzie
Email Address           : russell@netconx.demon.co.uk
Description             : American Gothic patch for Quake.
			  Play at being Lucus Buck - watch out 
			  for Caleb, though.  Sounds and skins
			  modifications. Fave sample:
			  "some day we'll make that hate work
			  for you" - player to dead shambler.

Additional Credits to   : id software (the divine creators)
			  Sam Raimi, Gary Cole, Lucus Black & co
			  Father Lucifer, Network Connections,
			  Antony Barratt, Goldwave, 
			  Gordon Tervit

Winpack is by Antony Barratt, antony@barcom.co.uk


New Sounds              : YES !
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : No

* Construction *

Base                    : http://www2.best.com/~owls/AG/sounds.html
			  id software's mdl's from pak0.pak

Editor(s) used          : Paint Shop Pro, QuakeME, Goldwave 3.22

Version changes		: Oops- instructions in version 1.0 were way
			  too complicated and didn't even work if you
			  followed them. Sorry ! 

*************************** HOW TO INSTALL ******************************

You'll need Windows. Maybe 3.x will work but I use 95. 
I'm assuming you've got Quake installed in c:\quake

1	Extract all files in this archive to a temporary working 
	directory, eg c:\qtemp. Extract Winpack12.zip to here as well.
2	Clean up your quake\id1 folder by deleting (or moving elsewhere)
	all files and subfolders except the files pak0.pak and pak1.pak
	You may wish to keep hold of your saved games (ending in .SAV) in
	c:\qtemp for the time being.

3	Run Winpack.exe and open the file c:\quake\id1\pak0.pak. Then
	click the extract all button. Close Winpack when finished.

4	Open c:\qtemp\pak0mods.zip with Winzip and click extract, 
	specifying c:\quake as the 'extract to' location. Make
	sure the "all files" and "use folder names" boxes in the
	subsequent dialog box are checked before you extract. All being
	well, winzip will warn you it's about to overwrite a few files,
	let it do this.

5	Start up Winpack again, and click the "Build Pak" button. In
	the dialog box which next appears, the "build from" location
	should be c:\quake\id1. Click OK.

6	Explore c:\quake\id1, and delete pak0.pak (no need to back it 
	up, is there, when you're a registered user with the CD-ROM next
	to your computer :) Also delete any files not ending in .PAK and
	any subfolders which have been created inside id1.

7	Rename Winpack.pak to Pak0.pak.

8	Repeat steps 2-7 substituting the file PAK1.PAK for pak0.pak,
	and using c:\qtemp\PAK1MODS.ZIP instead of c:\qtemp\pak0mods.zip

10	Open c:\qtemp\configs.zip with winzip and extract all files to
	c:\quake\id1. This will set the player's name to Lucus_Buck.

And that's it. To remove the patch, you'll have to delete the game and
reinstall it I'm afraid. Enjoy !

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