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Title                   : Zones of Death            
Filename                : zones.bsp
Authors                 : Geese_Howard (Top zone) and Me (Bottom zone)
Contact	                : e-mail: 
Description             : This is a medium sized DM level with one zone on 	
                          the bottom that is fairly open, and one on the top
	                  that offers more close combat.  The top level (zone)
                          done by Geese was pasted on top of mine and
                          connected with teleporters.			    
Additional credits to   : id Software, Armin Rigo. (QuakeMap editor beta)
Beta testers		: The authors.

* Play information *

Single player           : No.
Cooperative             : No.
Deathmatch 2-6          : Yes, you could get lonely with only 2 or 3 though.
Deathmatch 7+		: Yes, it might run a little slow though.

* Construction *

Base                    : New level.
Editor(s) used          : QuakeMap by Armin Rigo.
Known Bugs              : None known.

* Miscellaneous info *

* Legal stuff *

You may distribute this map anyway you see fit, as long as it adheres
to id Software's license.  Please distribute this text-file with the
level.  Thanks.

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