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Title                   : Kiss of Death
Filename                : KYSDEATH.BSP   (All my levels have KYS
                                         at the beginning.)
Author                  : Kayos
Email Address           : kayos@globalnet.co.uk (I'll try to reply to all)

Description             : This isn't really KYSDEATH.BSP ;).
                          That was a large (stroke huge) which has been
                          nabbed for my TC, Underground III. Upon mention of
                          a Deathmatch Level competition on Gamesmania
                          (www.gamesmania.com) well... i couldn't resist.

                          This is just a sorta test that had to be put out
                          this w/e for various reasons.. following my old
                          tradition expect a KYSDETH2.ZIP out soon with
                          monsters, and a bit more stuff...
                          And i'm doing Underground III with a mate,
                          Rogue (his single player lev out soon), which is
                          a TC (Total Conversion) of Quake. We are looking
                          for a third helper (perhaps fourth) helper(s) here
                          if u have u r interested then e-mail me, prefereably
                          with a map, quake C, graphics sample etc, to
                          assure us of your quality.. ;)
                          And a web page is up! check 
                          The Quake Review Page -

                          I also have KYSENTRY, KYSENTY2 and KYSENTY3 out.

Additional Credits to   : ID Software, for Quake
                          Chris Cartello for Quest, which is now the best
                          editor even more than it was b4.. (BSP? eurgh.. ;)

* Play Information *

Level Name              : Kiss of Death
Single Player           : Yep. It has an exit.
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Nope.. didn't bother.. will be next time round..
Deathmatch 1-4 Player   : Dammit yes. There are 16player starts. BEASTY. ;)
Difficulty Settings     : No.
Anything else new       : No... gimme a break.

Comments                : its got the .map, which is pretty damn huge for a
                          map, 680k. 1313 brushes in it. It takes a looong
                          time to do anything with now.. ;)
                          And remember, this level may be the excuse
                          for that upgrade you've been waiting for.. ;)
                          At the last mo i stopped it vis'ing halfway through
                          downloaded the latest quest and offsetted all the
                          windows. aint i good? ;)

* Construction *

Base            : Scratch baby... 
Build Time      : Days.. years.. i was designing this when u were in nappies.
                Qbsp-time             : 615secs
                Vis-time   (-level 4) : 20543secs (long time)
                Light-time (-extra)   : 990secs
                On a Pentium 100 running win95 with 32megs edo ram.

Editor(s) used  : Quest and MS-DOS Edit the best editors around...
Known Bugs      : Haha! none! makes a change on my part.. ;)

* Legal Stuff *

You may distribute this level and include it in any deathmatch compilation
etc., as long as you include my text file and give me credit. The .map may
be edited and compiled for internal use, but the modified level may NOT be
released without the author's expressed permission.

* Where to get this MAP and my others *
The Quake Review Page - http://www.mjpme.demon.co.uk/kayos/

* FAQ - How do i run a bsp? *
copy the .bsp into a subdirectory of id1 called maps,
ie c:\quake\id1\maps
then run quake.
go into the console by pressing the key left of the 1 key, and type in
"map xxx"
the .bsp extension should not be typed in, and neither the inverted commas.
Now u can't go wrong... ;)

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