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Title                   : DOGGET1.1
Filename                : dogget1.bsp 
Author                  : Paul (Spike) Cook
Email Address           : belly@nrg.com.au

Description             : Death match level based loosely on old doomII 
					wad. Has traps and tricks and other 
					groovy stuff that is quake styled..

Additional Credits to   :ID, Quest,Wordpad,q-map specs. 
				Maker of original level.

* Play Information *

Game                    : Quake Registered 1.01
Single Player           : NO. Unless you have a Deathmatch BOT. 
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : why?
Deathmatch 2-5 Player   : Yes, only 8 tele destinations(unless you want mega tele-frags)
Deathmatch 6+ Player    : read the line above

* Construction *

Base                    : Old Doom II DM wad from memory 
				 (cant remember aurthor, sorry!)
Editor(s) used          : Quest 0.02 & 0.05, Wordpad.
Known Bugs              : All bugs from original repaired.Map file is 
				  included if you want to play with it.

Build time              : Many, Many hours!.

Qbsp				: 3 min with new qbsp from quest site.
Light				: 38 sec (extra sampling)
Vis				: 12 min
On p133 with 16 meg under win95 for qbsp & vis. LIght in dos.

How to use:   Make dir in ID1 dir called MAPS then copy DOGGET1.BSP to that 
	     	  dir (maps). Run quake. Type MAP Dogget1 in console to play.

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may distribute and modify this level, as long as you include my
text file and give me credit. If you plan on distributing this map on
a CD Collection you _MUST_ contact me first for my approval.

Performance:  Brilliant for 2-4 players. 

Author's Notes: I got new QBSP so I was able to remake the level the way I
originally wanted it. I put some new stuff in, traps spikes messages and I
fixed up texture alignment.
If you have any ?'s or money for more ram...whatever e-mail 
me at belly@nrg.com.au. This is my third released map!. 

SPIKE aka Paul
belly@nrg.com.au or belly@ozemail.com

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