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* Unzip to quake\casspq1
* Double click on dosquake.bat, winquake.bat, or glquake.bat
  depending on which flavor or Quake you prefer.
* Hit F1 anytime during play to get help on the special features
  of the level.

WARNING: I recommend against playing this level in glquake.
This is only because the cutscenes contain a lot of "sky"
texture, which will cause them to run extremely slowly.
If you insist on running glquake, just press the 'n' key
to skip the cutcenes.  

June 22, 1998
Title                   : Hell in a Can
Filenames               : Pak0.pak, casspq1.txt, autoexec.cfg,
                          dosquake.bat, winquake.bat,
Author                  : Michael Casaday
Email Address           : kelkbaad@waystation.com
Homepage                : http://www.waystation.com/~kelkbaad/thecore/

Description             : You play the captain of a cargo 
                          spacecraft who has some dangerous 
                          aliens stored below deck.  The level
                          consists of three missions.  Each time
                          you finish a mission, you are taken
                          back to the start map, shown a
                          simple cutscene and brought back to
                          the ship to complete the next mission.

                          You'll face all kinds of problems,
                          from technical difficulties to
                          unruly "cargo."  Lots and lots of
                          inspiration borrowed from the movies
                          Alien and Aliens put into this level,
                          as you'll soon see.

Additional Credits to   : id software
                          Ritual Entertainment
                          Rogue Entertainment
                          General WarT' (aka Carl Glave) 
                             for Custents 
                          Iikka Ker„nen for IKLITE and custom
                          the "Zerst”rer" team & @xl Kawa for
                             custom textures

* Play Information *

1. Create a "casspq1" directory inside your Quake directory.
2. Unzip the contents of casspq1.zip into this new directory.
3. Click on the appropriate .bat file inside the casspq1
   directory, depending on which flavor or Quake you prefer.
   TO RUN.  Dosquake.bat automatically allocates this amount
   to Quake.  If you don't want to use the batch files, just
   make sure you start Quake with the 
   "-game casspq1 -winmem 12 +map start" parameters.
5. Hit F1 anytime during play to get some help 
   specific to this level.
6. Have fun (hopefully).

Game			: Quake

Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative             : No
Deathmatch              : No
Difficulty Settings     : No
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : No
New QuakeC		: Yes (Custents 6.0)

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch
Editor(s) used          : Worldcraft 1.6a
-for textures	          : Corel Photo-Paint
Other tools used        : Winpak

Compile machine         : Pentium 75 w/ 24MB RAM
Build Time              : Too long.

* Story *

"Something is wrong."

Dellard slowly swivels his chair to look at you, turning his 
back on an outside view of the docking pylons and the hulking 
Byzantium in orbit over Helena, Sigma Draconis' seventh and 
only habitable planet.  The orbit-station office you both sit 
in is impeccably neat and ultramodern, with synthwood floors 
and bubbling glass tanks filled with mirrorfish.  Dellard 
shifts slightly in his seat, the pins on his deep blue uniform 
glittering from the floating lights overhead.  "What," he asks 
after a long silence, "could possibly be wrong?"

"You aren't telling me everything about these animals."

Dellard frowns distractedly, flipping through reports on his 
monitor, "We've disclosed full xenobiological profiles.  There 
is nothing you need to know about these creatures that you 
haven't already been told."

"Where did you get these things?" you ask.

Dellard looks up from his monitor.  "Brinswill, the southern 
landmass.  You know that."

You shake your head, "Brinswell doesn't have any predators 
like that.  Those 'shamblers' as you called them on the 
reports, they'd dominate the ecology, wiping everything else 
out.  The 'vores' are obviously intelligent.  If those noises 
they make at one another isn't complex communication nothing 
is.  Every one of these things are rated as Class Four 
Xenobiological Hazards.  CLASS FOUR.  That makes them some of 
the most deadly creatures in the known universe.  You found 
this many Class Four species on ONE planet?  I don't think so."

"Are you having second thoughts about this now?  A little too 
dangerous, perhaps?"

You clench your jaw slightly, glaring at the young, clean-
shaven man sitting across from you, "My ship's secure.  There's 
no danger."

"Good.  Because it would be a long, long trip to make back 
empty handed.  We need these animals transported to Titan 
within the year.  There are other cargo ships we could 
contract that could make it in time, but somehow I don't think 
you'd like them getting the 20 million we're offering for the 
job instead of you."

"Slipgates," you say.

Dellard blinks, "What?"

"I know my history, Dellard.  I know about the Quake Incident 
that the U.S. Government tried to cover up centuries ago.  
I've seen the old photos of those dead creatures."

A thin film of sweat begins to form on Dellard's forehead, he 
smiles confidently, "Slipgate research was banned 
internationally long ago, Captain."

You shake your head slowly, "So was cloning.  That didn't stop 

The young man in the dark blue uniform stands, anger gleaming 
in his hazel eyes.  Behind him the aging star Sigma Draconis 
peaks out from behind Helena.  The windows darken automatically 
in response.  "The Carlington Corporation is a government 
contractor, Captain.  We of all people wouldn't be stupid 
enough to be playing with slipgates underneath the--"

"Underneath the nose of the same people who started that 
research in the first place?" you ask coolly.  "What are you 
guys so afraid of, to be tinkering with that kind of power 

Dallard cools visibly, seeming to come to some kind of 
decision.  "You are an intelligent man, Captain."

"You don't survive as long as I have out here by being stupid."

The uniformed man continues as if you hadn't spoken, "However, 
you don't know your current events nearly as well as you know 
your history.  Perhaps you've heard of a distant star system 
called Stroggos?"

You frown.  "Stroggos.  Wasn't the EECA getting weird signals 
from that star, possibly from one of it's planets?  That's a 
little far out to be worried about, isn't it?"

"The European Exploration and Colonization Agency has recently 
confirmed that Stroggos is inhabited, and by intelligent 
life.  They started getting blasted by high-intensity signals 
that even now are being translated in full.  Let me assure you, 
Captain, that the message is not terribly friendly so far as 
anyone can tell."

You swallow nervously.  Dellard sits slowly.  He glances at his 
monitor, then shuts it off.  Leaning forward on his desk, he 
continues.  "They are much more advanced than we are."

"How can you know that?"

Dellard smiles, "They came for a little visit.  Just a few 
probes, but they were gone before anyone could respond to 
their presence."

"That's impossible."

"For us, perhaps.  But whoever is living on Stroggos has 
somehow figured out how to jump from point to point with 
almost slipgate-like speed.  Needless to say the governments 
of the world are eager to catch up, and if they can capture a 
few 'Class Four Xenobiological Hazards' from the other 
dimensions they run into during their experiments on worlds 
like beautiful Helena here," the uniformed man gestures 
behind him, "then all the better.  Perhaps we can collect a 
good number of these 'shamblers', 'vores' and such to dump 
onto their world if we ever master these slipgates enough to 
get there in time.  We might even be able to open up a few 
slipgates on their world that lead to the same places that got 
us in so much trouble centuries ago and let them deal with 
their own little Quake Incident.  Are you all right, Captain?  
You look a little pale."

You swallow again, your throat is dry.  "I'm fine," you say.  

"These creatures are being slotted into your cargo hold in 
cages reinforced with ultrasteel over a meter thick.  You are 
being afforded the utmost caution, Captain.  The world needs 
you--all of us--to be steadfast.  I give you my personal 
assurance, Captain, NOTHING is going to get loose on your 
ship.  Now I think you should go.  I have much to do yet and 
you have a long trip ahead of you."

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional

These BSPs may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or 
BBS systems, and must be accompanied by this text file in its 
unaltered form. You are NOT authorized to put these BSPs on any 
CD or distribute them in any way without my explicit written 
permission, and only after meeting my terms.  

cdrom.com can distribute this as per their agreement.

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