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 64 Player Deathmatch Pack Notes (Feb.23.1998)

 Here are three large deathmatch maps that we've cooked up for Quake II.
It is recommended that, as a client, you have at least 32 megs of RAM
to use these maps. As a server, you should get the beefiest processor
and as much memory as you can get your hands on if you wish to run a 64 
player server. In tests that we ran here at id, a PPro200 peaks at about 
50 clients, and our 400mhz Alpha started sweating at about 64 players.

 The maps should be extracted to your \quake2\baseq2\maps directory and
they are named as follows;

	base64.bsp  - Tim Willits
	city64.bsp  - Paul Jaquays
	sewer64.bsp - Christian Antkow

 These three maps run in a loop.



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