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Title    : Quake Weapons (for Hexen 2 v. 1.07 - 1.11)
Filename : qweapons.zip
Version  : 0.5
Date     : 02/15/97 
Author   : Dion Olsthoorn
Email    : dolsthoo@stad.dsl.nl
Credit   : Eric Hobbs for writing HCC.
           Rene Post for qME (light version)
           Timothy Sedman for resolving a bug
           Raven Software for Hexen II.
           id Software for Quake & Quake2

Type of Mod
HexenC   : yes
Sound    : yes
MDL      : yes

Format of HexenC
unified diff  : no
context diff  : no
.hc files     : not included, because most people don't want them.
                Just mail me and I'll send you the modified .hc files.
pak0.pak      : includes progs.dat and all sound and model files.

Description of the Modification
If you've always wanted to walk through those nice HexenII worlds while shooting 
around with the 'more realistic' Quake weapons, than this is your patch!
If you install the patch and select the Palladin, you'll start with the bloody
Quake axe. (I've changed the axe a bit, so it cuts even smoother). The second
weapon is the super shotgun, third is the grenade launcher and last the rocket
launcher. Mostly I've copied the QuakeC code to make the weapons work like the
original Quake-weapons. Even rocket-jumping is possible again!
Also, the surrounding will lighten up when you fire a grenade or rocket (hmm, I
wonder why Raven didn't always use this feature). Try firing a rocket on a dark wall!
Original Quake player-sounds are also in this patch.
Have fun shooting around with the Quake-weapons.
(Use 'impulse 9' in the console to get all weapons at once!!)

How to Install the Modification
The ZIP file contains pak0.pak, which holds all code, sound and model files.
To use the quake weapons, create a directory called 'qweapons' in your Hexen2 main
directory. Unzip the file pak0.pak into the just created subdirectory (hexen2/qweapons/).

Now run HexenII adding "-game qweapons" to the command line.

Note: I've noticed firing a rocket at a tree may give some strange effects if you shoot
from a certain angle. This problem can be solved by adding ( sv_aim "1" ) to your 
autoexec.cfg or just typing it in at the console. (fix by Timothy Sedman)

I've mostly copied the original quakec weapon-code, so no real bugs should be there.
Well, mail me if you find some annoying bugs.

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