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  DL: 41659 6225 kb 12/09/1999
Unreal Tournament v4.36 patch for Linux. This patch includes many improvements for servers and clients. ...
  DL: 8581 3646 kb 12/09/1999
Unreal Tournament v4.00a for Linux, requires retail Unreal Tournament CD to play. ...
  DL: 10068 3585 kb 11/08/2000
Unreal Tournament v4.36 patch for Macintosh.

Please read the install instructions in the 436 Read Me carefully. This update is for the full retail version of UT only (not the demo). This update contains all of the fixes from the PC 425/432/436 versions, and a few Mac specific fixes (fixed downloads of compressed maps, some OpenGL optimizations).

To install this update, you must have your original Unreal Tournament CD.

All of the changes to 436, plus troubleshooting tips and known bugs are listed in the ReadMe file that comes with the 436 update.  ...

  DL: 16002 9364 kb 10/20/1999
Unreal Tournament demo v3.48 patch to upgrade previously-downloaded Unreal Tournament demo to current version. ...
  DL: 801062 7378 kb 01/12/2000
Unreal Tournament v4.36 patch for Windows. Fixes various problems in retail version of Unreal Tournament. This patch is completely network-compatible with all previous versions. ...
  DL: 25846 73283 kb 11/08/2000
Unreal Tournament v4.36 dedicated server for Windows. This package contains all files necessary for running a dedicated multiplayer Unreal Tournament server. ...



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