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  DL: 2538 478 kb 03/04/2000
The Skaarj Castle - single-player level for Unreal. ...
  DL: 2715 532 kb 03/01/2000
Temple of Pain - The Nali legend tells of a holy fire that can be found in the Temple of Pain. The messiah who will visit the temple and see the holy fire will be blessed and given untold strengh against his enemies. This time, the messiah is you. It is your task to save the whole nation of Nali from their archenemy - The Skaarj. ...
  DL: 2794 671 kb 03/01/2000
Research Facility - While fighting your way trough the Mothership Laboratory, you come to a closed gate and a computer console near it. You pick up your translator and insert it into the console and wait for the data to transfer. The translator seems to be overloaded with misc. logs of some Skaarj scientist... ...
  DL: 3582 1525 kb 03/04/2000
Deep Space 666 - single-player level for Unreal. ...
  DL: 2105 400 kb 03/01/2000
Fire Drop ...



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