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  DL: 5711 158 kb 05/18/1998
Two maps included in this file. (1)beachhead.scm is an actually mission that you can face off against the computer. (1)beach-var.scm is more of a science experiment where you can watch the computer players compete for resources, with a little occasional help from your invincible forces. ...
  DL: 4239 45 kb 05/18/1998
Marshall Raynor and a contingent of marines must recover a Protoss prisoner from a zerg-infested installation. ...
  DL: 4072 186 kb 05/18/1998
This map has a TON of resources for all players especially for Player 1. So there should be no problem supporting your force. The AI is set to difficult, so if you get whomped before you get your base up, you can adjust the settings or cheat, whatever you like. ...
  DL: 3698 176 kb 05/18/1998
This is my first campaign map. It's best for 3 people, but 1 or 2 is still playable if you can handle it. Since the enemy is very strong, it will take at least 2 hours to finish this map if you don't cheat ...



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