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  DL: 3456 102 kb 05/19/1998
This SCM is for 8 players, its pretty big and has tons of resources in the middle island. ...
  DL: 1599 247 kb 05/24/1998
Marsh Land - This SCM is for 6 players. There are lots of Mineral and Vespene Gas stashes around. ...
  DL: 1613 276 kb 05/24/1998
Mixed Terrain - A very large, detailed, 6 player jungle map with plenty of resources. ...
  DL: 1443 65 kb 05/24/1998
Mud Bath - This SCM is for 4 players. Theres a huge mud pit in the middle that you must go through to get to the other bases. In the mud pit is where most of the battles are supposed to take place. ...
  DL: 1456 43 kb 05/24/1998
Protoss Pass - There is an arena type centre to the map where everyone supposed to fight! ...
  DL: 1405 73 kb 05/24/1998
Predator Vs. Prey - Each player is assigned a prey. The winner is the first player to destory their prey, but players must be careful that no other player achieves their goal first. ...
  DL: 1531 148 kb 05/18/1998
Each base-location is easy to defend. The surrounding 'landscape' is made with that in mind. Although its not obvious all the time. Every gas resource has been changed to bigger resource where the bases are and to smaller resource every other place. ...
  DL: 1566 139 kb 05/24/1998
Each player starts with 600 resources, and has seven minutes to build up a strong enough force for desctruction. After 7 minutes, all units are sent to a battle arena to fight to the death. Last player standing wins. ...
  DL: 1187 91 kb 05/18/1998
Space Flower ...
  DL: 1326 119 kb 05/18/1998
Space Raft ...
  DL: 1389 99 kb 05/24/1998
The Terran Gauntlet - One person is Terran. The other 3 are Protoss with rescuable Zerg (making them Protoss and Zerg) and are allied against the Terran player. The Terran player has control of most of the map, and also has map revealers all over. ...



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