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  DL: 7466 33973 kb 07/05/1998
The TronicSound-TC is a completely new and FREE sound scheme for Quake2. Every sound in the game is NEW. All monsters, weapons, items and ambient sounds have been carefully enhanced. The player sounds for cyborg, male and female are also new, as are all of the multiplayer sounds. It is not meant to be funny or obscure. My goal was to create a serious and intense experience for the player by adjusting and enhancing all of the sounds in Quake2. (Full version - Every sound is new in 16bit/22KHz quality) ...
  DL: 1630 2837 kb 01/14/1999
The TronicSound-TC for Quake 2 - completely new and FREE sound scheme for Quake 2. ...
  DL: 1529 290 kb 04/06/1998
The Snork Plug Play Model Sounds ...



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