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  DL: 3026 2225 kb 01/23/1999
On Sacred Ground - three map, single player unit for Quake 2. ...
  DL: 2426 3551 kb 04/24/1998
Saturation Point ...
  DL: 1993 22 kb 01/17/1998
Testmap of map made in QE4 as released by id Software. ...
  DL: 2733 737 kb 04/22/1998
Your planet has defeated the Strogg and an uneasy peace has returned to the galaxy. However your leaders have many reservations about the Strogg. The genetic re-engineering of fallen marines had shocked the public deeply. And now they appeared to be building secret weapon plants to manufacture all kinds of monstrous tools of death. ...
  DL: 2532 577 kb 04/22/1998
You have been dropped into a Strogg stronghold and you must fight your way out of the base, through the cave with a watery pool, up the mine shafts, back into the base, and endure a lung busting swim to the exit. ...
  DL: 2206 914 kb 04/20/1998
KSP70 - SPQ2 and DMQ2 map. ...
  DL: 2930 887 kb 04/22/1998
Dark and foreboding, the building wraps around you like the film that floats on a decaying bog. You hear the enemy nearby, but cannot see them. The exit is a short distance from your current location - you jump up from your hiding place - the alarm is sounded. A mad dash to a nearby elevator takes you up and out. Out to the exit. Out to freedom. But the door is locked... ...



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