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  DL: 1287 210 kb 01/26/1998
Super Blaster for Quake II ...
  DL: 1040 142 kb 03/30/1998
Sticky Proximity Bombs ...
  DL: 1036 111 kb 03/30/1998
Quake 2 Stinger Missile ...
  DL: 4508 1744 kb 03/30/1998
Makes all weapons viewable! Select the chaingun, and all other players see your player model holding a chaingun. ...
  DL: 1193 178 kb 12/27/1997
Makes the Grenade launcher shoot 2 Grenades, Changes the machine gun into a rapid fire laser gun, Adds in a pipe bomb launcher. ...
  DL: 1296 138 kb 12/27/1997
Improved blaster: Fires a cluster of shots. At close range it will do about double the damage of the original blaster. Rocket launcher: Rocket speed doubled, damage radius increased slightly. With quad damage this weapon now fires a group of five rockets, for the price of one.... Hyperblaster: Damage halved to improve balance; should still be a powerful weapon (10 shots = approx. 1 rocket) Railgrenades: Grenades are filled with rail slugs...explosion sends them flying. Looks nice in gl. Damage from the slugs is half that of when they are shot from the railgun. ...
  DL: 2798 210 kb 01/26/1999
Weapons Of Destruction 6.0 ...
  DL: 1714 207 kb 06/14/1998
Weapons of Destruction for Quake 2 v5.4a ...
  DL: 1830 138 kb 01/17/1998
This mod adds four new weapons: Auto Shotgun, Auto Railgun, Auto BFG, Missile Launcher. ...

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