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  DL: 3649 126 kb 01/17/1998
Turns the Rocket Launcher into a multi-rocket launcher. Can cause immense destruction ...
  DL: 2858 152 kb 04/24/1998
Mega Weapons Pack - Just a quick patch I designed to make DM more fun. ...
  DL: 1523 307 kb 11/13/1998
Napalm for Quake 2 ...
  DL: 2091 171 kb 12/27/1997
Replaces the Rocketlauncer with a Nuke. ...
  DL: 1174 137 kb 12/27/1997
Players now have access to a Pipebomb which can be detonated at any time. At this point in time it fires only 5 pipebombs at a time. ...
  DL: 1261 137 kb 03/30/1998
Players now have access to a Pipebomb which can be detonated at any time. ...
  DL: 1291 162 kb 12/27/1997
Ok its just like u use the oozie or whatever, weapon 4, and you will be shooting rockets at light speed instead of bullets.. ...
  DL: 1558 30 kb 01/17/1998
Ever find yourself in a cozy observing spot, watching the enemy stand around like lemmings, and wishing you could call in an airstrike? Now you can! ...
  DL: 1101 18 kb 12/27/1997
Now for the infamous detpipes. Rather than just throw our grenades out and wait for them to blow up, we want remote control! We'll extend the life of the grenades to 60 seconds and add a new command to detonate them remotely. ...
  DL: 1283 343 kb 01/17/1998
This is Drastic game.dll v0.6 for Quake II ...
  DL: 1073 8 kb 12/27/1997
I've written a couple of mods making rockets and grenades deadlier. But if you're on the receiving end of one of these beauties, you want to take some defensive action. You want to shoot that homing missile down. You want to blow up those proximity mines and detpipes BEFORE you step on them. Here's how. ...
  DL: 1743 28 kb 12/27/1997
Changes rockets to homing missiles. ...
  DL: 1227 7 kb 12/27/1997
Turns grenades into proximity mines. ...
  DL: 1355 177 kb 01/08/1998
This is a super-quick Quake2 mod that I whipped up. FAST ROCKETS! ...
  DL: 1306 210 kb 01/26/1998
Super Blaster for Quake II ...

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