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  DL: 3445 139 kb 12/27/1997
Dontcha hate how you have to switch weapons to see how much ammo you have? Well, this adds a bunch of icons and numbers in the upper right of your screen. Also, it adds custom death messages, based on the weapon name, and allows you to add an motd by putting an motd.txt in your Quake2 directory, AND makes gibs meatier and randomizes what peices of flesh your gib'd into ...
  DL: 2422 379 kb 12/27/1997
If you're like me, U really dislike the side mounted weapons in Quake 2. We all know by now that u can use the gun_x var to shift the wpn graphics towards the center but the projectile still originates from the side. This mod add a new client var named centerfire. When set to 1, projectiles will originate from the center of the screen making the crosshair more accurate. ...
  DL: 3627 111 kb 01/30/1998
This mod replaces most of your original weapons, and changes them a bit. ...
  DL: 3825 156 kb 01/26/1999
Disentigrator Gun for Quake 2. ...
  DL: 3618 371 kb 01/19/1998
The first Q2 patch to let you select the a second weapon mode by pressing the weapon key twice. ...
  DL: 6210 177 kb 03/30/1998
Weapons of Destruction for Quake 2 - *Version 2* ...
  DL: 3353 149 kb 01/17/1998
Along with the blaster, you start with a freeze gun. The gun only works on other players. When they are hit, they are frozen (You'll see) for about 15 seconds. ...
  DL: 2056 149 kb 01/17/1998
Source code for Freeze Gun. ...
  DL: 1568 285 kb 01/26/1998
This is a library for linux quake2 to allow on-the-fly modification of weapon damage and radiuses. ...
  DL: 1817 291 kb 03/30/1998
This is a library for linux quake2 to allow on-the-fly modification of weapon damage and radiuses. ...
  DL: 2796 147 kb 01/17/1998
Gun Fu, for Quake II ...
  DL: 3343 333 kb 10/17/1998
HellFire Missiles ...
  DL: 2499 399 kb 04/24/1998
MDS - Missile Defence System for Quake II  ...
  DL: 3750 133 kb 01/17/1998
Adds five different types of hand grenades to Quake II. ...
  DL: 3698 126 kb 01/17/1998
Turns the Rocket Launcher into a multi-rocket launcher. Can cause immense destruction ...

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