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  DL: 1925 806 kb 04/24/1998
Above and Beyond mod for Quake 2 - The point of Above and Beyond (AaB) is to have a game that is based on a lot of skill and a little luck. Instead of running around the levels blowing the other players to gibblets, in AaB you hunt the other players and knock them off of the platforms and walkways into oblivion below. ...
  DL: 1754 142 kb 04/24/1998
Above and Beyond Server. ...
  DL: 1831 138 kb 12/25/1997
Bounty Hunters v1.1 Quake 2 MOD ...
  DL: 1832 249 kb 01/26/1998
Damage Match changes the way scoring is done. Instead of it being based on kills, it's now based on how much damage you do. ...
  DL: 1805 269 kb 01/26/1998
Makes the default health 200. When health drops below 200, it will regenerate at 1 life every 1 second until back at 200. You start out will all weapons (except bfg10k), ammo, and body armour. ...
  DL: 2197 186 kb 04/27/1998
These are 100% server-side mods for Quake II which remove *all* items from the game. In NIQ/NIQCTF the server controls which weapons all clients have and gives out health and ammunition for the current weapon. ...
  DL: 2508 166 kb 02/14/1998
This TC is based upon allowing the layer to play as a Strogg as well as a marine. In order to balance out the different Strogg 'classes', marine player classes have been added along with new weapons, models, and skins. Marines will have different speeds, abilities, and weapons just as the Strogg do. ...



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