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  DL: 2572 391 kb 01/17/1998
This mod will wave whenever you frag someone. You can even configure a random distribution of waves you wish to use. ...
  DL: 2182 625 kb 10/17/1998
braZen - When you get shot, you will get wounded. Head wounds concus, body wounds just hurt and leg wounds will slow you down. ...
  DL: 1806 165 kb 12/25/1997
This is my first attempt at writing a mod, and it makes people wave/salute/give the finger etc. just before they die (Their 'deathbed' speech...). It will only work if the person playing the server runs the mod. ...
  DL: 2138 193 kb 03/27/1998
Once you got killed by a monster or player you will look straight at the killer, your viewpoint smoothly following his movements and zooming in/out if necessary. You will always be knowing who killed you, you will get to know where he's going to and then, respawn and take revenge! ...
  DL: 2027 158 kb 03/27/1998
By setting up a list of your favorite maps, you can play maps in a cyclic or random fashion. ...
  DL: 2109 3022 kb 04/24/1998
DUAKE (Pronounced 'Da-Wake') - this mod simply changes Quake2 into a style of play that makes for quick, violent and funny play. ...
  DL: 1659 145 kb 03/27/1998
Damage Equalizer for Deathmatch ...
  DL: 1797 145 kb 01/29/1999
Damage Equalizer for Deathmatch ...
  DL: 1865 149 kb 01/17/1998
Advanced map-cycling script for Quake 2 servers. ...
  DL: 2294 150 kb 12/25/1997
Ok, this changes the death messages in DM from being (X killed Y) to colorfull things based on what weapon you were killed with. (ala Quake1) ...
  DL: 2276 245 kb 01/29/1999
Railgun Arena v1.03 ...
  DL: 2001 146 kb 12/25/1997
This patch simplifies one-on-one fights: it resets your items and frags at start, keeps track of time and offers lots of useful options, all selectable by players. ...



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