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  DL: 9406 191 kb 12/20/1998
This Quake C patch is a Helper bot named 'Attacker'. He uses a Chainsaw to kill your oponents! ...
  DL: 10161 117 kb 11/25/1997
BGADM Bot - The BG Automatic DeathMatch Opponent! ...
  DL: 7879 245 kb 11/25/1997
What started as a TM bot has drasticly changed. Now using the Player model, in Deathmatch these 4 menacing bots will have you on your toes. Respawning when they die. In one player or coop, one bot will help conquer the levels with you. ...
  DL: 3346 368 kb 11/25/1997
This is the ALPHA version. I know there are many, many bugs. If you find any it is ok to mail me about it. Just don't go overboard. ...
  DL: 6506 1677 kb 11/25/1997
Quake vs. The Borg ...
  DL: 5491 267 kb 11/25/1997
BPLAYER - Bot Player. ...
  DL: 7203 133 kb 11/25/1997
Impulse 100 creates 1 bot, but up to 13 with different names. This(these) bot(s) will help you in co-op and kill you in deathmatch. ...
  DL: 5063 392 kb 11/25/1997
Now includes improved combat ai, fixed attack code, all the death animations, bodies that stay and MORE! Just added: Teamplay! Make a team of bots and go head to head with your HelperBots! ...
  DL: 7597 708 kb 11/25/1997
This is CTF Bot (aka Capture the Flag Bot), a bot that plays ThreeWave Capture the Flag 3.5. ...
  DL: 6950 536 kb 11/25/1997
This mod creates a personal attack dog which will follow the player and attack his enemies. ...
  DL: 4784 240 kb 11/25/1997
This mod does ::- 1.Gives you a Friendly Dog that attacks monsters (Not Zombies though) and `should` attack other players. 2.Grappling hook 3.Replaces the Guns with rapid fire versions ...
  DL: 3980 179 kb 11/25/1997
This bot is basically a small hack of Mike and Tim Polucha's Automated Helper Bot, by changing a small portion of the code I was able to reconfigure the bot to attack other players in deathmatch, and to be able to distinguish between team members and enemy team members. ...
  DL: 4971 376 kb 11/25/1997
This is an Eliminatorbot/Roambot hybrid with added movement when attacking as well as additional search functions and attack functions not present in either of the original two bots. ...
  DL: 6269 361 kb 11/25/1997
Frag Bot V1.5 ...
  DL: 9275 130 kb 11/25/1997
This will create a deathmatch opponent. This opponent will be able to use all weapons. He will pick up objects including powerups. He dodges and hunts his killer after respawning. ...

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