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  DL: 1971 67 kb 11/25/1997
This map is basically just one big room, but it has some architectural features -- multiple levels, a bridge, lava, etc. -- that enrich gameplay. The lights I used create some pretty cool shadows. ...
  DL: 1043 206 kb 12/25/1997
Deathmatch Quake level, Designed for small numbers of players (2-4) although probably quite good for larger numbers. ...
  DL: 883 272 kb 12/25/1997
The level is very intertwined, and a little dark. It has a couple of dark corners that provide some emergency hiding spots. ...
  DL: 1005 461 kb 11/25/1997
This level was made for deathmatch, and has many items laying around in it for deathmatch play. ...
  DL: 1023 137 kb 11/25/1997
A fairly large and detailed deathmatch map. Designed such thatyou can play a 'defend the fort' deathmatch around the rocket launcher area if you want to, or just a normal deathmatch. ...
  DL: 969 166 kb 11/25/1997
A large area with four tunnels, a central cross on a pillar and a roof. Excellent sniping and hiding places. ...
  DL: 927 120 kb 11/25/1997
A small DM level with every weapon except the normal nail gun. ...
  DL: 945 254 kb 11/25/1997
Not to big, not to small deathmatch level. All weapons are included and four Pentagrams are included on easy skill setting ...
  DL: 1040 216 kb 11/25/1997
Medium-sized deathmatch level. Good for 2 to 6 players. There's a wind-tunnel in the middle of the level. ...
  DL: 863 99 kb 11/25/1997
Small to medium deathmatch level. Good for 2 to 6 players. Multi-level with lots of elevators. ...
  DL: 1172 202 kb 11/25/1997
2-4 Player DM, Small level, unique architecture. ...
  DL: 1570 376 kb 11/25/1997
Deathmatch level, best for 3-8 players, more not tested. consists of three rooms which are interconnected in a number of ways, which adds to dm play. Some nice design, one windtunnel, etc ...
  DL: 1356 307 kb 11/25/1997
Deathmatch level, best for 2-6 players, made to be cool and fast for even 8 meg machines (that's why the use of only 10 textures or so). Architecture is also not complex, the goal of this level is framerate ...
  DL: 976 342 kb 11/25/1997
This basically is the original DM8 level, rescaled with my program qScale v3.0 ...
  DL: 1240 388 kb 11/25/1997
It is an open 'arena' that is the interior of a castle. It hasall of the weapons and 2 rocket launchers ...

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