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  DL: 2880 383 kb 11/25/1997
DarkRealm is a new deathmatch level for Quake. I wanted to construct a map that gives diverse possibilities instead of routine deathmatch.  ...
  DL: 2349 254 kb 11/25/1997
Not to big, not to small deathmatch level. All weapons are included and four Pentagrams are included on easy skill setting for C-Mods like FIEND. Now Two AC Beta Models and Stinger Missles. *****ACBeta Required*****  ...
  DL: 1838 208 kb 11/25/1997
Quake deathmatch level, based on the first level of my Doom2 DM-level series called Addictiv. The level is of medium size, small enough for 4 players, big enough for 8.  ...
  DL: 1881 351 kb 11/25/1997
This is a medium sized DM level, based somewhat on my workplace. This was more learning attempt, but still pretty neat.  ...
  DL: 2231 824 kb 11/25/1997
Official level of The Anarqist Clan  ...
  DL: 1864 174 kb 11/25/1997
Two roomed blitzer.  ...
  DL: 1683 58 kb 11/25/1997
A small maze-like room.  ...
  DL: 2208 205 kb 11/25/1997
A small DM level designed for at least 3 players, preferably more, fast moving and really spooky when the lights go dim.  ...
  DL: 2450 108 kb 11/25/1997
Large deathmatch level with central supply area. Changes made to allow for better deathmatch for more than two players. Lots of secret areas.  ...
  DL: 1845 363 kb 11/25/1997
After the famous BENTA base ... the ARKA sections.  ...
  DL: 1532 218 kb 11/25/1997
Being my first level for Quake this one is quite experimental - but still looks much better than most of the c**p you can find in the net.  ...
  DL: 1924 457 kb 11/25/1997
Here it is, the second Armageddon level. What started as a pure dm map has become a combined single/DM level that plays well in both modes.  ...
  DL: 1787 201 kb 11/25/1997
Alot of slime, some catwalks and corridors. Playtested with BGbot2a and it rocks!  ...
  DL: 1630 292 kb 11/25/1997
A fairly simple level designed mainly for deathmatch  ...
  DL: 1683 207 kb 11/25/1997
my barn  ...

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