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  DL: 1460 90 kb 11/25/1997
My first Quake Map, and it's not that bad. It's a deathmatch level, BSP only.  ...
  DL: 1596 197 kb 11/25/1997
It has platforms going high into the sky + all weapons and powerups.  ...
  DL: 1553 399 kb 11/25/1997
Three round rooms and one lofty room with various paths in between. Teleports and Lifts included along with some nice architecture.  ...
  DL: 2087 132 kb 11/25/1997
A deathmatch level consisting of an outdoor area with mountains, a small village, and a boat.  ...
  DL: 1870 163 kb 11/25/1997
Violance is my 1st release.It's alot of fun with your favorite bots.  ...
  DL: 1566 214 kb 11/25/1997
Compact 2 player Quakematch level. Plenty of frags every minute, guaranteed.  ...
  DL: 1508 604 kb 11/25/1997
this map is designed to be played dm2, so the weapons stay put, thus the lack of ammo and health  ...
  DL: 1689 120 kb 11/25/1997
Abandoned village at foot of volcano  ...
  DL: 1397 91 kb 12/25/1997
This is a fairly small level that I made to see what I could do with the current quake editors out there.  ...
  DL: 1589 103 kb 11/25/1997
This is a cool deathmatch arena. Lotsa floating platforms (some are moving) and bridges spanning between them.  ...
  DL: 1378 120 kb 11/25/1997
Small Arena with a conical cieling and some cool light fixtures.  ...
  DL: 1314 45 kb 11/25/1997
This is a level that I hashed out within no time.  ...
  DL: 1653 386 kb 11/25/1997
Deathmatch level, suited for 4-11 players, Think of this level as an abandoned liquid treatment plant, used as a training ground for the warrior elite. Plenty of traps, the only regeneration booth I've EVER seen + cool tunnels.  ...
  DL: 1434 96 kb 11/25/1997
This is just a simple little deathmatch level for 6 players (probably 3 or 4 is optimal - it is really only 1 room w/ a catwalk).  ...
  DL: 1600 181 kb 11/25/1997
A large arena-style deathmatch level that is similar to both DM2 and DM4 in some ways.  ...

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