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  DL: 1096 60 kb 12/25/1997
Awesome Dm level with bridges over hot lava!  ...
  DL: 789 374 kb 11/25/1997
A DM/Team Level aimed at 2 to 12 player games  ...
  DL: 751 325 kb 11/25/1997
A DM/Team Level aimed at 2 to 12 player games  ...
  DL: 957 375 kb 11/25/1997
A Deathmatch level based specifically one of our favourite Doom2 Level and appropriately "Quake-ified".  ...
  DL: 878 122 kb 11/25/1997
It's basically a large closed in area with Catwalks that lead up and into the rafters.  ...
  DL: 778 253 kb 11/25/1997
Small level with water, lava, several platforms and stuff.  ...
  DL: 960 115 kb 11/25/1997
I used this map to learn how to use some of the Quake editors It's nothing groundbreaking, but it should be fun  ...
  DL: 1009 263 kb 11/25/1997
This deathmatch level is based on a club I like to go to.It has sort of a medevil theme to it. Medium sized with all the weapons.  ...
  DL: 807 32 kb 11/25/1997
this is my level for quake. not too spectacular :)  ...
  DL: 898 167 kb 11/25/1997
A deathmatch level consisting of a centralized battle arena, hallways around the perimeter, lower and upper water rooms, and strange flooded tubes connecting them all.  ...
  DL: 804 321 kb 11/25/1997
small-to-medium sized deathmatch level. fairly symmetric design with a consistent look and feel.  ...
  DL: 884 175 kb 11/25/1997
The Coffin is a relatively small Deathmatch-only level for Quake. There are three main areas: a two-story square arena, a smaller square arena with stairs, and a sewer.  ...
  DL: 995 238 kb 11/25/1997
A Small demanding DM level, Slow at times, but a nice level with excellent 2 player and up action, although more than about 8 players would suck.  ...
  DL: 783 240 kb 11/25/1997
Challenge of the Masters is a small but tight DeathMatch level for Quake.  ...
  DL: 835 262 kb 11/25/1997
This is an updated version. I added 2 secret rooms containing major artifacts. Armor was also added.  ...

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