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  DL: 3748 1048 kb 04/14/1998
Hexen II mission Pack Utilities HccMp is the script compiler. Some new features are: - much more optimizations - removing uneeded stuff from progs.dat (this is turned on with -oi and -on) - switch statements were in but are also supported by the game now. - vis and light are all the same as the hexen 2 release. - qbsp has an increased max_planes limit. (The make files are now for VC 5.0) - genmodel has a new -opt option to cut redundant verts. ...
  DL: 3491 643 kb 04/14/1998
Patch Name: Hexen II Mission Pack Patch Version: v.1.12a Release Notes This patch will upgrade the H2MP from v.1.12 to v.1.12a. Patch v.1.12a is not a mandatory patch; patched and unpatched servers and clients can speak to each other without problems.  ...
  DL: 2902 6437 kb 04/14/1998
HexenWorld v0.11 beta Client Includes 3 new deathmatch levels: hwdm3, hwdm4, hwdm5. hwdm3 is not HW friendly (i.e. big huge open areas = bad for networking). Be sure to go to the key configure menu and bind a key to 'Player Names'. There is also a console variable, r_teamcolor, that you can set to tint other players who are on your team. ...
  DL: 2509 1274 kb 04/14/1998
HexenWorld v0.11 beta Server ...



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