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  Help Wanted:

If you would like to contribute to the Absolute Gamer's Files Archive, we are currently looking for some people to do various things. Please note that these are "public-service" positions (unpaid in other words) - you will contribute to Quake community. Of course proper credit will be given on every piece of your work.

Reviewers - we need some people to review any files in the archive - this job is very flexible - download anything, write a paragraph or two reviewing it, and we'll post it. Do as much as you want any time you want - if you are interested, please email webmaster at gameaholic.com.

HowTo Writers - people who know alot about Quake or Unreal and can write FAQ-like answers. "How Tos" are associated with specific directories throughout the site to provide help related to particular files. Email webmaster at gameaholic.com.

Please note: almost all files are provided by 3-rd parties who are not affiliated with Absolute Quake Files Archive or Gameaholic dot Com. We cannot provide any support, warranty or help with these files. Please address any issues to individual authors. More Legal Information.