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  For Webmasters:

Feel free to link to individual files so your visitors can download files from cdrom.com mirrors. In the future, we plan several affiliate programs for other web sites. (Link should be to something like http://idgames.gameaholic.com/cgi-sql/file-info.sql/#####)

If your site receives over 3000 visitors a day and you would like to become AQFA partner, email webmaster at gameaholic.com. We can setup additional set of scripts matching your site's design so your visitors can access all AQFA's features.

Feel free to use the following button to link to Absolute Quake Files Archive:

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(Please download the button to your web server).

If you would like to include AQFA's Search box on your site, feel free to use the following HTML code:

If you have any other offers, please email webmaster at gameaholic.com. We'll be glad to provide AQFA services to your visitors.

Please note: almost all files are provided by 3-rd parties who are not affiliated with Absolute Quake Files Archive or Gameaholic dot Com. We cannot provide any support, warranty or help with these files. Please address any issues to individual authors. More Legal Information.