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Path: /quake2/levels/ctf/m-o/
Filename: one.zip
Txtname: one.txt 
Size: 576 kb
Downloads: 5195


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  Rating: 3.5 out of 5


Here's a 16-player Ctf level. When I first started this map I had to look twice at the blurry floor texture. Nice tough. The level has two bases, like it should with Ctf, wich are completely equal. So, no more discussions whether it's better to be Blue or Red.

My first impression was that the level is a bit clean. Maybe too clean. (On the other hand, if you start blasting with 16 people, everything will be covered with bodyfluids, not clean) The bases are sort of 'underground', with two elevators which are too high, if you fall into it you will lose health. And since it's the only way in to the base, everyone looses health who enters.. (Not that they don't lose it otherwise)

But, alone in this Ctf-map was quite boring, so i spawned some Eraser-bots and actually had a lot of fun.

Even more when I found route #2 into the bases. The map-editor claims to have released part One of several. I can only encourage him to keep goin like this.

Though, the main hall (yep, there is one) could be a bit smaller, it can be laggy. This map is a nice one to load up now and then in your server, or to play with your friends, the bots.

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