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Path: /planetquake/seals/
Filename: nseal201.zip
Txtname: None
Size: 5800 kb
Downloads: 10350


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  Rating: 5 out of 5


The first thing that made this mod stand out, is the successful effort of puting elements of reality into quake. With the new models in this game, dammage is modified for different areas of the body. For instance, Headshots are an instant kill, no matter which weapon. In a resurgence for a demand for the 'golden eye sniper rifle', the makers of this mod have gone a step further, in creating sevral different models of sniper rifle. Aditionnal weapons, made in uncanny likeness of real weapons, both in function, and appearance include:
  • Hand Greandes
  • K-Bar Knife
  • MK23 Handgun
  • Mossberg Tactical Shotgun
  • MP5, single shot, 3 round burst, Full auto, Silencer available
  • M16, with M203 4.5mm Grenade Launcher
  • M16 RAW, M16 with attached RPG launcher
  • PSG1 Heckler&Kosh Sniper Rifle
  • Barret Sniper Rifle
  • M60 Light Machine Gun

    Includes new, and smarter enemies.

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